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21. Polymer Viscoelasticity and Residual Stress Effects on Nanoimprint Lithography
Published: 5/24/2007
Authors: Yifu Ding, Hyun Wook Ro, Jack F Douglas, Ronald Leland Jones, Daniel R. Hines, Alamgir Karim, Christopher L Soles
Abstract: We examine the influence of viscoelastic effects on the stability of nanoimprinted polymer films. The decay of features for polymers below the critical entanglement molecular mass at elevated temperatures is determined by simple surface tension and ...

22. Crystallization of Polyethylene Oxide Patterend by Nanoimprint Lithography
Published: 3/28/2007
Authors: Brian C. Okerberg, Christopher L Soles, Jack F Douglas, Hyun Wook Ro, Alamgir Karim
Abstract: The crystallization behavior of poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO) films patterned by nanoimprint lithography is studied. The imprinted PEO film consists of parallel lines, approximately 240 nm wide and 320 nm tall, on a 400 nm pitch with a residual laye ...

23. Mechanically Robust Spin-On Organosilicates Glasses for Nanoporous Applications
Published: 2/7/2007
Authors: Hyun Wook Ro, K Char, Eun-Chae Jeon, H C Kim, Dongil Kwon, Hae-Jeong Lee, J. H. Lee, Hee-Woo Rhee, Christopher L Soles, Do Y. Yoon
Abstract: An increasing number of technologies demand nanoporous materials with vastly improved physical, mechanical and thermal properties. This manuscript develops the microstructural basis for synthesizing organosilicate glasses (OSGs) with unprecedented ...

24. Evidence for Internal Stresses Induced by Nanoimprint Lithography
Published: 11/30/2006
Authors: Hyun Wook Ro, Yifu Ding, Hae-Jeong Lee, Daniel R. Hines, Ronald Leland Jones, Eric K Lin, Alamgir Karim, Wen-Li Wu, Christopher L Soles
Abstract: The thermal embossing form of nanoimprint lithography is used to pattern arrays of nanostructures into several different polymer films. The shape of the imprinted patterns is characterized with nm precision using both X-ray scattering and reflectivi ...

25. Effect of Initial Resist Thickness on Residual Layer Thickness of Nanoimprinted Structures
Published: 12/1/2005
Authors: Hae-Jeong Lee, Hyun Wook Ro, Christopher L Soles, Ronald Leland Jones, Eric K Lin, Wen-Li Wu, Daniel R. Hines
Abstract: Accurate quantification and control of the residual layer thickness is a critical challenge to achieving sub-50 nm patterning with nanoimprint lithography. While characterization to within a few nanometers is essential, there is currently a lack of ...

26. Nanoimprint Pattern Transfer Quality from Specular X-Ray Reflectivity
Published: 12/1/2005
Authors: V. J. Lee, Christopher L Soles, Hyun Wook Ro, Daniel R. Hines, Ronald Leland Jones, Eric K Lin, Wen-Li Wu

27. Thermodynamic Underpinnings of Cell Alignment on Controlled Topographies
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Yifu Ding, Jirun Sun, Hyun Wook Ro, Zhen Wang, Jing N. Zhou, Nancy J Lin, Sheng Lin-Gibson, Marcus T Cicerone, Christopher L Soles
Abstract: Cells sense and respond to the chemical, topographical, and mechanical features of their substrate and extracellular matrix. Shape and locomotive response to these features is termed contact guidance (CG) and is of vital importance in understanding m ...

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