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1. A Hyperspectral Image Projector for Hyperspectral Imagers
Published: 9/3/2007
Authors: Joseph Paul Rice, Steven W Brown, Jorge Enrique Neira, Robert R. Bousquet
Abstract: We have developed and demonstrated a Hyperspectral Image Projector (HIP) intended for system-level validation testing of hyperspectral imagers, including the instrument and any associated spectral unmixing algorithms. HIP, based on the same digital ...

2. A Method for Testing the Spectral Responsivity of Infrared Cameras Using Tunable Lasers
Published: 8/1/2003
Authors: Joseph Paul Rice, Keith R. Lykke, Howard W Yoon
Abstract: We are developing a technique for accurately measuring spectral responsivity functions of infrared cameras using tunable lasers. We present preliminary results for uniform scenes where tunable infrared lasers illuminate an integrating sphere, diffus ...

3. A NIST Thermal Infrared Transfer Standard Radiometer for the Earth Observing System (EOS) Program
Published: 1/1/1996
Authors: Joseph Paul Rice, Bettye C Johnson

4. Absolute Radiometers, in Experimental Methods in the Physical Sciences, ed. by A.C. Parr, R.U. Datla and J.L. Gardner
Published: 1/1/2005
Authors: N P Fox, Joseph Paul Rice
Abstract: This book chapter reviews absolute radiometers, mainly of two types. The first type, briefly treated, are predictable quantum efficiency detectors such as self-calibrated silicon photodiodes. The second type, treated in much more detail, are abso ...

5. Achieving Climate Change Absolute Accuracy in Orbit
Published: 10/28/2013
Authors: Bruce Wielicki, Joseph Paul Rice
Abstract: The Climate Absolute Radiance and Refractivity Observatory (CLARREO) mission will provide a metrology laboratory in orbit for the purpose of accurately measuring and attributing climate change. CLARREO measurements establish new climate change benchm ...

6. Active Cavity Absolute Radiometer Based on High-Tc Superconductors
Published: 12/31/1998
Authors: Joseph Paul Rice, Steven Ray Lorentz, Raju Vsnu Datla, Leila R Vale, David A Rudman, M. L. Sing, D. Robbes

7. Active Cavity Radiometer Based on High-TC Superconductors
Published: 1/1/1998
Authors: Joseph Paul Rice, Raju Vsnu Datla, Leila R Vale, David A Rudman, M L Sing, D Robbes
Abstract: To implement the detector-based radiometric scale in the new Medium Background infrared [MBIR] facility at the National Institute of Standards and Technology [NIST], we have developed an electrical substitution cavity radiometer that can be operated ...

8. An Electrically Substituted Bolometer as a Transfer Standard Detector
Published: 7/1/2000
Author: Joseph Paul Rice
Abstract: We have developed an electrically substituted bolometer (ESB) to serve as a portable transfer-standard detector over the full wavelength range from 200 nm to 20 m. The ESB is designed to provide a direct transfer of the optical power scale from the ...

9. Analytic determination of optimal projector lens design requirements for pixilated projectors used to test pixilated imaging sensors
Published: 7/25/2013
Author: Joseph Paul Rice
Abstract: A model is described for the problem of optimally projecting a pixellated light source onto a pixellated imaging sensor, in the context that the projected source is used for performance testing of the sensor. The model can be used, for example, to co ...

10. Antenna-Coupled High-T^dc^ Air-bridge Microbolometer on Silicon
Published: 8/1/1994
Authors: Joseph Paul Rice, Erich N Grossman, David A Rudman

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