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51. New Reference Standards and Artifacts for Nanoscale Physical Property Characterization
Published: 1/1/2006
Authors: Jon Robert Pratt, John A Kramar, Gordon Allan Shaw, Richard Swift Gates, Paul Rice, John M Moreland
Abstract: This paper provides an overview of calibration artifacts being developed at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) that are intended to aid the accurate determination of nanoscale physical properties across a broad range of applica ...

52. Precision and Accuracy of Thermal Calibration of Atomic Force Microscopy Cantilevers
Published: 1/1/2006
Authors: G A Matei, E J Thoreson, Jon Robert Pratt, David B Newell, N A Burnham
Abstract: To have confidence in force measurements made with atomic force microscopes (AFMs), the spring constant of the AFM cantilevers should be known with good precision and accuracy, topics not yet thoroughly treated in the literature. In this study, we c ...

53. SI Realization of Small Forces Using an Electrostatic Force Balance
Published: 1/1/2006
Authors: Jon Robert Pratt, John A Kramar
Abstract: We describe the realization of micronewton forces in a fashion consistent with the International System of Units (SI) using the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) electrostatic force balance. A comparison between deadweight and el ...

54. Use of Transfer Artifacts for Small Force Measurement
Published: 1/1/2006
Authors: Gordon Allan Shaw, Jon Robert Pratt, Richard Swift Gates, Mark Reitsma
Abstract: In order for the atomic microscope (AFM) to be used in truly quantatitive studies, a basis within the international system of units (SI) must be established. In order to do this, the microfabricated cantilevers typically used for AFM force measureme ...

55. Review of SI Traceable Force Metrology for Instrumented Indentation and Atomic Force Microscopy
Published: 9/23/2005
Authors: David B Newell, John A Kramar, Jon Robert Pratt, Douglas T Smith
Abstract: This paper reviews the current status of small force metrology for quantitative instrumented indentation and atomic force microscopy (AFM), and in particular focuses on new electrical and deadweight standards of force developed at the National Instit ...

56. Development of Traceable Small Force Standards
Published: 6/1/2005
Authors: Gordon Allan Shaw, Jon Robert Pratt
Abstract: Although instrumented indentation and atomic forcve microscope (AFM) are utilized extensively for the measurement of forces in the piconewton to millinewton regime, accurate calibration of these forces remains an obstacle to quantitative research. D ...

57. Metrologies for Quantitative Nanomechanical Testing and Quality Control in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Published: 2/1/2005
Authors: Jon Robert Pratt, John A Kramar, David B Newell, Douglas T Smith
Abstract: If nanomechanical testing is to evolve into a tool for process and quality control in semiconductor fabrication, great advances in throughout, repeatability, and accuracy of the associated instruments and measurements will be required. A recent gran ...

58. Realizing and Disseminating the SI Micronewton With the Next Generation NIST Electrostatic Force Balance
Published: 10/1/2004
Authors: Richard Seugling, David B Newell, John A Kramar, Jon Robert Pratt
Abstract: The NIST Electrostatic Force Balance (EFB) compares deadweight and mechanical probe forces to an SI realization of force derived from measurements of the capacitance gradient and voltage in an electronic null balance. In the following abstract, we br ...

59. Traceable Force Metrology for Micronewton Level Calibration
Published: 10/1/2004
Authors: Jon Robert Pratt, Richard Seugling
Abstract: The research presented in this abstract concerns the calibration and implementation of a prototype secondary force standard to disseminate the SI (Syst?me International d''unit?s) unit of force ranging from 5.0 mN to 5.0 mN. The elastic-force measuri ...

60. Progress Towards SI Traceable Force Metrology for Nanomechanics
Published: 1/1/2004
Authors: David B Newell, Eric Paul Whitenton, John A Kramar, Jon Robert Pratt, Douglas T Smith
Abstract: This paper is based, in its entirety, on NIST-approved publications: Calibration of Piezoresistive Cantilever Force Sensors Using the NIST Electrostatic Force Balance, The NIST Electrostatic Force Balance Experiment, The NIST Microforce Realization a ...

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