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51. Adiabatic Loading of Bosons Into Optical Lattices
Published: Date unknown
Authors: P B Blakie, James V Porto
Abstract: We calculate the entropy-temperature curves for non-interacting bosons in a 3D optical lattice and a 2D lattice with transverse harmonic confinement for ranges of depths and filling factors relevant to current experiments. These curves predict regime ...

52. Study of a 1D Interacting Quantum Bose Gas
Published: Date unknown
Authors: B Laburthe, K M O'Hara, J H Huckans, M Anderlini, James V Porto, S L. Rolston, William D Phillips
Abstract: The loading of a Bose-Einstein condensate into a deep 2D optical lattice provides a unique way to study 1D Bose gases: the strong radial confinement freezes any motion in two dimensions, and for deep enough lattices, the system can be seen as an arra ...

53. Subwavelength Addressibility and Spin-Dependent Transport in a Double-Well Optical Lattice
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Patricia J. Lee, M Anderlini, Ben L. Brown, Jennifer Sebby-Strabley, William D Phillips, James V Porto
Abstract: We report the experimental demonstration of site-selective RF addressing of atoms with sub-wavelength resolution in a spin-dependent optical lattice of double wells. We also show spin-dependent transport: coherent spatial separation of atomic wave pa ...

54. The Mott Insulator Transition in a Two Dimensional Atomic Bose Gas
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Ian B Spielman, William D Phillips, James V Porto
Abstract: Cold atoms confined in periodic potentials are remarkably versatile quantum systems for implementing simple models prevalent in condensed matter theory. Here we realize the 2D Bose-Hubbard model by loading a Bose-Einstein condensate into an optical l ...

55. The Role of Interactions, Tunneling and Harmonic Confinement on the Adiabatic Loading of Bosons in Anoptical Lattice.
Published: Date unknown
Authors: A M. Rey, G Pupillo, James V Porto
Abstract: We calculate entropy-temperature curves for interact in bosons in unit filled optical lattices for both homogeneous and harmonically trapped situations, and use them to understand how adiabatic changes in the lattice depth affect the temperature of t ...

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