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71. Scaling the Near-Field Centerline Mixing Behavior of Axisymmetric Turbulent Jets
Published: 9/1/1998
Authors: G Papadopoulos, William M Pitts
Abstract: Detailed measurements of the centerline mixing behavior in the near field of varible-density jets were performed. Real-time measurements of jet fluid concentration for a propane jet and a methane jet issuing into still air were made utilizing Rayleig ...

72. Effects of Finite Time Response and Soot Deposition on Thin Filament Pyrometry Measurements in Time-Varying Diffusion Flames
Published: 8/2/1998
Authors: William M Pitts, K C Smyth, D Everest
Abstract: Prior work has shown that thin filament pyrometry (TFP) is a powerful approach for making highly precise, spatially and temporally resolved line measurements of temperature in time-varying laminar diffusion flames. The technique has been previously u ...

73. Towards Full Field Scaling of the Centerline Behavior for Initially Turbulent Axisymmetric Jets
Published: 6/21/1998
Authors: G, Papadopoulos, William M Pitts
Abstract: Recently the authors introduced a length scale for effectively collapsing the near field centerline velocity and mass fraction of constant and variable density axisymmetric jets whose initial conditions correspond to those of fully developed turbulen ...

74. Carbon Monoxide Formation Algorithm (NISTIR 6030)
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 6030
Published: 6/1/1997
Author: William M Pitts
Abstract: This paper discusses an engineering approach for estimating the generation rate of carbon monoxide (CO) within a room containing a fire. The algorithm incorporates four CO formation mechanisms which have been identified in past investigations.

75. Algorithm for Estimating Carbon Monoxide Formation in Enclosure Fires
Published: 3/3/1997
Author: William M Pitts
Abstract: This paper introduces an engineering approach for estimating the generation rate of carbon monoxide (CO) within a room containing a fire. Four CO formation mechanisms: 1) quenching of a turbulent fire plume upon entering a rich upper layer, 2) mixing ...

76. Mixing Behavior of Absolutely Unstable Axisymmetric Shear Layers Forming Side Jets
Published: 1/1/1997
Authors: William M Pitts, A W Johnson
Abstract: Recently it has been shown that low-density axisymmetric jets can become absolutely unstable and develop highly coherent vortical structures in the near-field shear layer. These jets have several unusual properties when compared to jets which are con ...

77. Thin-Filament Pyrometry in Flickering Laminar Diffusion Flames
Published: 7/28/1996
Author: William M Pitts
Abstract: This paper describes an experimental system for thin-filament pyrometry (TFP) in acoustically phase-locked flickering laminar methane/air diffusion flames. The physical basis of the technique is discussed. The experiment utilizes a 15-mu m beta-SiC f ...

78. Rapid Discharge of a Fire Suppressing Agent
Published: 1/1/1996
Authors: Jiann C Yang, William M Pitts, B D Breuel, William L. Grosshandler, W G Cleveland
Abstract: This paper describes an experimental method to study the rapid discharge of a fire suppressant (C3F8) from a pressurized vessel. Experimental observations inside and at the exit of the vessel were made using high-speed photography. Boiling was not ob ...

79. Real-Time Suppressant Concentration Measurement (NIST SP 890)
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 890
Published: 11/1/1995
Authors: William M Pitts, George William Mulholland, B D Breuel, Erik L Johnsson, S Chung, Richard H. Harris Jr., D E Hess
Abstract: The development and testing of two approaches for recording real-time measurements (millisecond time resolution) of concentration for halon alternatives are summarized. Discussions of the background necessary to understand their operation is included ...

80. Species Concentration Measurements (NISTIR 5766)
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 5766
Published: 11/1/1995
Author: William M Pitts
Abstract: The objective if this effort is to evaluate possible methods for real-time measurements of concentrations of alternative fire extinguishing agents for dry-bay and nacelle fire applications. If one or more feasible approaches are identified early in t ...

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