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21. Rationale of Color Quality Scale
Published: 6/10/2010
Authors: Yoshihiro Ohno, Wendy L Davis
Abstract: The color quality of solid state lighting (SSL) products is critical and is the subject of increasing attention. The CIE Color Rendering Index (CRI) [1] has been widely used for many years. However, the CRI is 35 years old and various problems of t ...

22. Report on the Key Comparison CCPR K2.a-2003
Published: 10/30/2009
Authors: Yoshihiro Ohno, Steven W Brown, Thomas C Larason
Abstract: Under the framework of Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) for national measurements standards and for calibration and measurement certificates issued by National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) signed in 1999, an international comparison of spectral re ...

23. Practical method for measurement of AC-driven LEDs at a given junction temperature by using active heat sinks
Published: 9/15/2009
Authors: Yuqin Zong, Pei-ting Chou, Min-Te Lin, Yoshihiro Ohno
Abstract: Alternating-current (AC) driven high-power light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have become available and introduced into solid-state lighting (SSL) products. AC LEDs operate directly from a mains supply with no need of drivers, and thus can simplify the des ...

24. Extension of the NIST tristimulus colorimeter for solid-state light source measurements
Published: 5/29/2009
Authors: George P Eppeldauer, Carl C Miller, Thomas C Larason, Yoshihiro Ohno
Abstract: In order to obtain improved color measurement uncertainties for solid state light (SSL) sources, the second generation tristimulus colorimeter of NIST has been extended with a fifth channel to perform efficient matrix corrections for the spectral mis ...

25. Illuminance responsivity calibration of reference photometers at the NIST SIRCUS and SCF facilities
Published: 5/29/2009
Authors: George P Eppeldauer, Carl C Miller, Thomas C Larason, Yoshihiro Ohno
Abstract: The illuminance responsivities of two transfer standard photometers have been directly determined from their spectral responsivity calibrations at two different calibration facilities of NIST. The main characteristics of the two photometers, and thei ...

Published: 5/29/2009
Authors: Carl C Miller, Yoshihiro Ohno, Wendy L Davis, Yuqin Zong, Kevin Dowling
Abstract: The National Institute of Standards and Technology has developed a spectrally tunable lighting facility to allow state-of-the-art vision experiments on color rendering and lighting. The facility is composed of two cubicles, each lit by a spectrally ...

27. Standardization Activities for Solid State Lighting in the USA
Published: 5/29/2009
Author: Yoshihiro Ohno
Abstract: In support of the U.S. Department Energy s Energy Star program for solid state lighting, a series of standards for solid state lighting products have been developed in the USA. The standards published related to measurement and color include ANSI-NEM ...

28. Illumination with enhanced contrast as a visualization tool for clinical diagnostics and surgery
Published: 2/26/2009
Authors: Maritoni Abatayo Litorja, Steven W Brown, Yoshihiro Ohno, Chungsan Lin
Abstract: The requirements for diagnostic and surgical lighting have remained largely unchanged over the past several years illumination level, glare, shadow and tissue heating reduction are the dominant factors in choosing a lighting system. Since human visu ...

Published: 10/1/2008
Authors: Yuqin Zong, Yoshihiro Ohno
Abstract: The measurement of high-power light emitting diodes (LEDs) has been difficult because they are highly sensitive to thermal operating conditions, and there has been a lack of common methods that can be used by both LED manufactures and users to acquir ...

Published: 10/1/2008
Authors: Jiangen PAN, Haiping SHEN, Yuqin Zong, Yoshihiro Ohno
Abstract: The mismatch of spectral responsivity to the CIE V(lambda) function, i. e., the f1‰ index, is the most critical characteristic of photometers and tristimulus colorimeters. The f1‰ value varies with measurement conditions, which is often omi ...

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