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151. Development of the NIST Detector-based Color Temperature Scale
Published: Date unknown
Authors: George P Eppeldauer, Yoshihiro Ohno
Abstract: Based on the spectral responsivity of the channels of a tristimulus colorimeter, a color temperature scale is being developed at NIST. The low uncertainty of the spectral responsivity measurements can dominate the chromaticity measurement uncertainty ...

152. Evaluation of Color Difference Formulae for Color Rendering Metrics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Wendy L Davis, Yoshihiro Ohno
Abstract: Solid-state lighting is providing strong incentive to develop a new color rendering or color quality metric for sources of general illumination. Differences in perceived color between reflective samples illuminated by the test lamp and a reference s ...

153. Four-Color Matrix Method for Correction of Tristimulus Colorimeters Part 2
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Yoshihiro Ohno, Steven W Brown
Abstract: The Four-Color Method was developed to improve the accuracy of tristimulus colorimeters for measurements of color displays. It was verified that the method works well for CRTs. The accuracy of this method has been studied further for spectral variat ...

154. LED Photometric Calibrations at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and Future Measurement Needs of LEDs
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Carl C Miller, Yuqin Zong, Yoshihiro Ohno

155. LED-Based Spectrally Tunable Source for Radiometric, Photometric and Colorimetric Applications
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Irena Fryc, Steven W Brown, George P Eppeldauer, Yoshihiro Ohno

156. Measurement of Solid-State-Lighting Products
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Yoshihiro Ohno, Carl C Miller
Abstract: This paper discusses issues of photometric measurements of solid-state-lighting (SSL) products, for quantities including luminous flux, luminous efficacy, luminous intensity distribution, and color characteristics. Standards for SSL products are urge ...

157. Measurement of Total Radiant Flux of UV LEDS
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Yuqin Zong, Carl C Miller, Keith R Lykke, Yoshihiro Ohno

158. Measuring Color Quality of Light Sources
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Wendy L Davis, Yoshihiro Ohno
Abstract: The successful commercialization of solid-state lighting for general illumination will require an effective method to characterize the color quality of these sources. The distinctive spectral characteristics of solid-state lighting sources present bo ...

159. NIST Calibration Facility for Display Colorimeters
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Steven W Brown, Yoshihiro Ohno
Abstract: A calibration facility has been developed at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to address the need for high accuracy color measurementsof displays. Calibration services tailored to display measuremets are planned for colimeter ...

160. NIST Facility for Color Rendering Simulation
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Wendy L Davis, J L Gardner, Yoshihiro Ohno
Abstract: The color rendering index (CRI) does not adequately assess the color rendering properties of solid-state light sources. An improved metric will be critical to the development of such new light sources for general lighting applications. A facility ...

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