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31. Comparison of scanning capacitance microscopy and scanning Kelvin probe microscopy in determining two-dimensional doping profiles of Si homostructures
Published: 2/1/2006
Authors: Seong-Eun Park, Nhan V Nguyen, Joseph J Kopanski, John S Suehle, Eric M. Vogel
Abstract: Two-dimensional (2-D) doping profiles of differently doped Si homostructures were investigated by scanning capacitance microscopy (SCM) and scanning Kelvin probe microscopy (SKPM). The calibrated doping concentration of the n-step Si layers was in th ...

32. Effect of Nitrogen on Band Alignment in HfSiON Gate Dielectrics
Published: 11/22/2005
Authors: Safak Sayan, Nhan V Nguyen, James R. Ehrstein, James J Chambers, Mark R Visokay, Manuel Quevedo-Lopez, Luigi Colombo, T Yoder, Igor Levin, Daniel Fischer, M Paunescu, Ozgur Celik, Eric Garfunkel
Abstract: We have studied the band alignment of HfSiO and HfSiON films by soft x-ray photoemission (SXPS), oxygen K-edge x-ray absorption (XAS), and spectroscopic ellipsometry. Nitridation of HfSiO reduced the band gap by 1.50+- 0.05eV and the valence and cond ...

33. Compositional Stability of Hafnium Aluminates Thin Films Deposited on Si by Atomic Layer Deposition
Published: 11/17/2005
Authors: C. Driemeier, K P. Bastos, L Miotti, I.J.R. Baumvol, Nhan V Nguyen, Safak Sayan, C Krug

34. Optical Bandgaps and Composition Dependence of Hafnium Aluminate Thin Films grown by Atomic Layer Chemical Vapor Deposition
Published: 11/17/2005
Authors: Nhan V Nguyen, Safak Sayan, Igor Levin, James R. Ehrstein, I.J.R. Baumvol, C. Driemeier, L Wielunski, Pui-Yee Hung, Alain C. Diebold
Abstract: Hafnium-aluminate (HfAlO) films grown on Si by Atomic Layer Chemical Vapor Deposition (ALCVD) of different aluminum contents were investigated in this article. Vacuum Ultra-Violet Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (VUV-SE), high Resolution Transmission Elec ...

35. Structural, Electronic, and Dielectric Properties of Ultrathin Zirconia Films on Silicon
Published: 11/17/2005
Authors: Safak Sayan, Nhan V Nguyen, James R. Ehrstein, Tom Emge, Eric Garfunkel, Mark Croft, X Zhao, David V Vanderbilt, Ira Levin, Evgeni Gusev, Hyunjung Grace Kim

36. Sub-bandgap defect states in polycrystalline hafnium oxide and their suppression by admixture of silicon
Published: 11/17/2005
Authors: Nhan V Nguyen, Martin M Frank, Albert Davydov, Deane Chandler-Horowitz
Abstract: The crystallinity of atomic layer deposition hafnium oxide was found to be thickness-dependent with the thinnest films being amorphous and thick films being at least partially crystalline. Similar films fabricated by metalorganic chemical vapor depos ...

37. Atomic Layer Deposition - Process Models and Metrologies
Published: 9/30/2005
Authors: D R. Burgess, J. E Maslar, W S. Hurst, E F. Moore, W A. Kimes, R R. Fink, Nhan V Nguyen

38. The Relation between Crystalline Phase, Electronic Structure and Dielectric Properties in High-K Gate Stacks
Published: 9/28/2005
Authors: Safak Sayan, Mark Croft, Nhan V Nguyen, Tom Emge, James R. Ehrstein, Igor Levin, John S Suehle, Robert A Bartynski, Eric Garfunkel
Abstract: As high permittivity dielectrics approach use in metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) production, an atomic level understanding of their electronic, and dielectric properties are being rigorously examined. The valence and conduc ...

39. Amorphous to Tetragonal Transition in Ultrathin Zirconia Films: Effect on the Electronic and Dielectric Properties
Published: 9/1/2005
Authors: Safak Sayan, Mark Croft, Nhan V Nguyen, Tom Emge, Evgeni Gusev, Hyunjung Grace Kim, James R. Ehrstein, Paul McIntyre, Eric Garfunkel
Abstract: As medium-high permittivity dielectrics approach use in MOSFET production, an atomic level understanding of their permittivity and the capacitance of structures made from them are being rigorously examined. In this note, the issue of crystal structur ...

40. Characterization of Structural Quality of Bonded Silicon-On-Insulator Wafers by Spectroscopic Ellipsometry and Raman Spectroscopy
Published: 5/9/2005
Authors: Nhan V Nguyen, James E Maslar, Junghyeun Kim, Jin-Ping Han, Jin-Won Park, Deane Chandler-Horowitz, Eric M. Vogel
Abstract: The crystalline quality of bonded Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) wafers were examined by spectroscopic ellipsometry and Raman spectroscopy. Both techniques detect slight structural defects in the SOI layer. If a pure crystalline silicon dielectric functi ...

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