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91. Proposed Pressure Standard Based on Capacitance Measurements
Published: 7/1/1998
Author: Michael R Moldover
Abstract: We propose to measure the dielectric constant [epsilon] and the thermodynamic temperatue T of helium near 273.16 K and to calculate the pressure p([epsilon],T) of the helium from the fundamental constants, quantum mechanics, and statistical mechanics ...

92. Acoustic Methods for Transport Properties Measurements in Gases
Published: 6/1/1998
Authors: Keith A Gillis, J B. Mehl, Michael R Moldover
Abstract: Two novel acoustic resonators have been developed, one for measuring the viscosity and a second for measuring the Prandtl number of gases. For viscosity measurements, we use a double Helmholtz resonator called the Greenspan viscometer. The Greenspa ...

93. Can a Pressure Standard be Based on Capacitance Measurements?
Series: Journal of Research (NIST JRES)
Published: 3/1/1998
Author: Michael R Moldover
Abstract: We consider the feasibility of basing a pressure standard on measurements of the dielectric constant [epsilon] and the thermodynamic temperature T of helium near )[degrees]C. The pressure P of the helium would be calculated using the fundamental con ...

94. Measurement of Microkelvin Temperature Differences in a Critical-Point Thermostat
Published: 3/1/1998
Authors: Robert F Berg, G A Zimmerli, Michael R Moldover

95. Equilibration Near the Liquid-Vapor Critical Point in Microgravity
Published: 1/1/1998
Authors: R A Wilkinson, G A Zimmerli, H Hao, Michael R Moldover, Robert F Berg, W L Johnson, R A Ferrell, R W Gammon

96. Resonators for Accurate Dielectric Measurements in Conducting Liquids
Published: 1/1/1998
Authors: J O. Hamelin, J B. Mehl, Michael R Moldover

97. The Static Dielectric Constant of Liquid Water Between 274 and 418 K Near the Saturated Vapor Pressure
Published: 1/1/1998
Authors: J O. Hamelin, J B. Mehl, Michael R Moldover
Abstract: The complex dielectric constant (relative electric permittivity) [epsilon]^dr^ = [epsilon]' - I[epsilon]'' of liquid water was redetermined in the temperature range 0 C ...

98. Compressed and Saturated Liquid Densities for 18 Halogenated Organic Compounds
Published: 12/1/1997
Authors: Dana R Defibaugh, Michael R Moldover

99. Phase Border and Density Determinations in the Critical Region of Mixtures of Carbon Dioxide and Ethane Determined from Dielectric Permittivity Measurements
Published: 12/1/1997
Authors: A R. Goodwin, Michael R Moldover

100. Thermodynamic Properties of HFC-338mccq, CF^d3^-CF^d2^-CF^d2^-CH^d26F,1,1,1,2,2,3,3,4-Octafluorobutane
Published: 12/1/1997
Authors: Dana R Defibaugh, E Carrillo-nava, John J. Hurly, Michael R Moldover, James W Schmidt, L A. Weber

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