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41. Angular Distribution of Light Scattered From a Sinusoidal Grating
Published: 1/1/2000
Authors: Egon Marx, Thomas Avery Germer, Theodore Vincent Vorburger, B C. Park
Abstract: The angular distributions of light scattered by gold-coated and aluminum-coated gratings having amplitudes of ~90 nm and periods of 6.67 ¿m were measured and calculated for light incident from a HeNe laser at an angle of 6E. Experimental results are ...

42. Computation of Light Scattered Into Detector
Published: 1/1/2000
Author: Egon Marx
Abstract: To compare the measured bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF) of a rough surface to the results of a computation, we have to take into account the aperture of the detector and, more generally, the properties of the measuring instrume ...

43. Power Spectral Density Functions for Si Wafer Surfaces Using Six Measurement Techniques
Published: 1/1/2000
Authors: Egon Marx, I J Malik, T Bristow, N Poduje, J C Stover
Abstract: Power spectral densities (PSDs) were used to characterize a set of surfaces over a wide range of lateral as well as perpendicular dimensions. Twelve 200-mm-diameter Si wafers were prepared and the surface finishes ranged from as-ground wafers to epit ...

44. A First Stop Towards Photorealistic Rendering of Coated Surfaces and Computer Based Standards of Appearance
Published: 11/1/1999
Authors: Fern Y Hunt, Egon Marx, G W Meyer, Theodore Vincent Vorburger, P A Walker, H B Westlund
Abstract: We seek to explore the feasibility of producing computer graphic images to visualize the color and gloss of surfaces using optical and surface topographical data.

45. Extensions of the Single-Integral-Equation Method
Published: 7/1/1999
Author: Egon Marx
Abstract: Scattering of electromagnetic waves by homogeneous dielectric or finitely conducting bodies can be reduced to the solution of integral equations. In the simpler cases, only a single-integral-equation is needed, with no increase of required memory ove ...

46. Measurements and Predictions of Light Scattering by Coatings
Published: 5/1/1999
Authors: Theodore Vincent Vorburger, Egon Marx, M E. McKnight, Maria E Nadal, P Y. Barnes, Alan K Thompson, Michael A Galler, Fern Y Hunt, Mark R VanLandingham
Abstract: We show comparisons between calculations and measurements of angle-resolved light scattering distributions from clear dielectric, isotropic coatings. The calculated distributions are derived from topography measurements performed with scanning white ...

47. Round Robin Determination of Power Spectral Densities of Different Si Wafer Surfaces
Published: 3/1/1998
Authors: Egon Marx, I J Malik, Y Strausser, T Bristow, N Poduje, J C Stover
Abstract: Power spectral densities (PSDs) were used to characterize a set of surfaces over a wide range of lateral as well as perpendicular dimensions. Twelve 200-mm-diameter Si wafers were prepared and the surface finishes ranged from as-ground wafers to epit ...

48. Extinction Coefficients for Dielectric and Conducting Doublets of Spheres
Published: 1/1/1998
Author: Egon Marx
Abstract: The extinction cross-sections of doublets of polystyrene and carbon spheres are determined using the optical theorem. The forward scattering amplitude is computed using the single integral equation method. The extinction cross-sections of the doublet ...

49. Scattering From Sinusoidal Gratings
Published: 9/1/1997
Authors: B C. Park, Theodore Vincent Vorburger, Thomas Avery Germer, Egon Marx
Abstract: Laser light scattering from holographic sinusoidal gratings has been investigated with a view to its use in the calibration of the linearity of BRDF instruments, a task that requires a wide dynamic range in the scattered intensity. An aluminum-coated ...

50. Integral Equations for Scattering by a Particle in a Layer
Published: 1/1/1997
Author: Egon Marx
Abstract: The single integral equation method is applied to the scattering of electromagnetic waves by particles in a layer on top of a substrate. A second layer on top of the first one can have indentations.

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