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71. Pore Scale Modeling of Fluid Transport Using Lattice Boltzmann Methods
Published: 10/1/1999
Authors: Nicos Martys, John G Hagedorn, J E Devaney
Abstract: The utility of the lattice Boltzmann method for modeling fluid flow in complex geometries like porous materials is examined. After study of some simple test cases, results from large scale simulations of fluid flow through digitized Fontainbleau sand ...

72. Digital Images and Computer Modelling
Published: 7/1/1999
Authors: Edward Joseph Garboczi, Dale P Bentz, Nicos Martys
Abstract: This chapter describes how digital images of porous materials can be analyzed to give information about the structure and properties of the material, describes various ways 3-D digital-image-based models can be generated to help understand real mater ...

73. Large Scale Simulations of Single and Multi-Component Flow in Porous Media
Published: 7/1/1999
Authors: Nicos Martys, John G Hagedorn, D S. Goujon, J E Devaney
Abstract: We examine the utility of the lattice Boltzmann method for modeling fluid flow in large microstructures. First, results of permeability calculations are compared to predicted values for several idealized geometries. Large scale simulations of fluid ...

74. Lattice Boltzmann Simulations of Single and Multi-Component Flow in Porous Media
Published: 7/1/1999
Authors: Nicos Martys, John G Hagedorn, J E Devaney
Abstract: We examine the utility of the lattice Boltzmann method for modeling fluid flow in porous media. First the lattice Boltzmann method is validated for the case of single component flow in several idealized flow geometries. Large scale simulations of f ...

75. Mean-Field-Scaling in Lattice Boltzmann Fluid Mixtures
Published: 6/1/1999
Authors: Nicos Martys, Jack F Douglas
Abstract: Basic equilibrium properties of Lattice Boltzmann (LB) fluid mixtures (coexistence curve, surface tension, and interfacial profile) are calculated to characterize the critical phenomena occurring in these model liquids and to establish a reduced vari ...

76. Velocity Verlet Algorithm for Dissipative Particle-Dynamics-Based Models of Suspensions
Published: 3/1/1999
Authors: Nicos Martys, Raymond Dale Mountain
Abstract: A velocity Verlet algorithm for velocity dependent forces is described for modeling a suspension of rigid body inclusions. The rigid body motion is determined from the quaternion-based scheme of Omelyan [Comput. Phys. 12, 97 (1998)]. An iterative m ...

77. Thermal Lattice Boltzmann Models (TLBM) for Compressible Flows
Published: 12/1/1998
Authors: G Vahala, P Pavlo, L Vahala, Nicos Martys
Abstract: The progress and challenges in thermal lattice Boltzmann modeling are discussed. In particular, momentum and energy closures schemes are contrasted. Higher order symmetric (but no longer space filling) velocity lattices are constructed for both 2D ...

78. Evaluation of the External Force Term in the Discrete Boltzmann Equation
Published: 11/1/1998
Authors: Nicos Martys, X Shan, H Chen
Abstract: A representation of the forcing term in the Boltzmann equation based on Hermite expansion of the Boltzmann distribution function in velocity phase space is derived. Based on this description of the forcing term, a systematic comparison of previous L ...

79. Application of Digital-Image-Based Models to Microstructure, Transport Properties, and Degradation of Cement-Based Materials.
Published: 1/1/1996
Authors: Dale P Bentz, Edward Joseph Garboczi, Nicos Martys
Abstract: As multi-phase composites, cement-based materials have physical properties that are strongly influenced by the volume fractions and topologies of the individual phases. Because of their inherent random nature, these materials often defy a simple geom ...

80. Simulation of Droplet Deformation at Supercritical Capillary Numbers Using a Lattice Boltzmann Method
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Frederick R Phelan Jr., Nicos Martys, Charles C. Dr. Han
Abstract: Lattice Boltzmann simulations have been carried out for two-phase systems in homogeneous shear flow at supercritical Capillary numbers and a viscosity ratio of unity. The simulations predict a three-stage mechanism for drop breakup. In the first stag ...

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