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81. Use of Laser-Induced Ionization to Detect Soot Inception in Premixed Flames.
Published: 8/20/2005
Authors: Samuel L Manzello, E J Lee, George William Mulholland

82. Measurement of Thermal Properties of Gypsum Board at Elevated Temperatures
Published: 5/30/2005
Authors: Samuel L Manzello, Seul-Hyun Park, Dale P Bentz, Tensei Mizukami
Abstract: The thermal conductivity, specific heat, mass loss, and linear contraction for gypsum board types widely used in the USA and Japan were measured both at room temperature and elevated temperatures. The gypsum board types tested include Type X and Typ ...

83. On the Ignition of Fuel Beds by Firebrands.
Published: 5/11/2005
Authors: Samuel L Manzello, Thomas George Cleary, John R Shields, Jiann C Yang
Abstract: An experimental apparatus has been built to investigate the ignition of fuel beds as a result of impact with burning firebrands. The apparatus allowed for the ignition and deposition of both single and multiple firebrands onto the target fuel bed. Th ...

84. Experimental Study on Effects of Sample Orientation on Non-Piloted Ignition of Thin PMMA Sheets.
Published: 3/20/2005
Authors: Hiroshi Gotoda, Samuel L Manzello, Takashi Kashiwagi

85. On the Use of a Well Stirred Reactor to Study Soot Inception.
Published: 3/20/2005
Authors: Samuel L Manzello, George William Mulholland, M Donovan, W Tsang, K-W Park, Michael R Zachariah, S D Stouffer

86. Urban-Wildland Fires: On the Ignition of Surfaces by Embers.
Published: 3/20/2005
Authors: Samuel L Manzello, Thomas George Cleary, John R Shields, Jiann C Yang

87. Droplet Impact on a Heated Stainless Steel Surface: Influence of Camera Framing Rate.
Published: 12/1/2004
Authors: Samuel L Manzello, Jiann C Yang
Abstract: The impact of a single water droplet upon a polished stainless steel surface was imaged using a Digital High Speed Camera at 500, 100, 15,000 frames per second with shutter speed set to 50 us. The camera was fitted with a 60mm micro lens to obtain th ...

88. Experimental Investigation of Sootshell Formation in Microgravity Droplet Combustion.
Published: 12/1/2004
Authors: Samuel L Manzello, A Yozgatligil, M Y Choi

89. Fire Performance of Partition Assemblies.
Published: 12/1/2004
Authors: Samuel L Manzello, Richard George Gann, S R. Kukuck, Kuldeep R Prasad, Walter William Jones

90. Sooting Behavior of Ethanol Droplet Combustion at Elevated Pressures Under Microgravity Conditions.
Published: 12/1/2004
Authors: B D Urban, K Kroenlein, A Kazakov, Frederick L. Dryer, A Yozgatligil, M Y Choi, Samuel L Manzello, K O Lee, R Dobashi

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