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31. High-Temperature Properties of Liquid-Phase-Sintered {Alpha}-Sic
Published: 11/1/1999
Authors: R P Jensen, William E Luecke, N P Padture, Sheldon Martin Wiederhorn
Abstract: We have characterized the high-temperature subcritical crack growth and oxidation resistance of a liquid-phase-sintered (LPS) SiC with 20% volume fraction yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) second phase. Constant stress rate testing in air in the temperat ...

32. A new model for tensile creep of silicon nitride
Published: 10/1/1999
Authors: William E Luecke, Sheldon Martin Wiederhorn
Abstract: The tensile creep rate of most commercial grades of Si3N4 increases strongly with stress. Although the usual power-law functions can represent the creep data, the data often show curvature and systematic variations of slope with temperature and stre ...

33. Tensile Creep and Rupture of Silicon Nitride
Published: 5/1/1999
Authors: Ralph Krause, William E Luecke, J French, B Hockey, Sheldon Martin Wiederhorn
Abstract: We have characterized the tensile creep, rupture lifetime, and cavitation behavior of a commercial, gas-pressure-sintered silicon nitride in the temperature range 1150 to 1400 C and stress range 70 to 400 MPa. Individual creep curves generally sho ...

34. A Strain-Based Methodology for High Temperature Lifetime Prediction
Published: 9/1/1998
Authors: Sheldon Martin Wiederhorn, William E Luecke, Ralph Krause
Abstract: In structural materials, lifetime is often strain-determined. Once a part exceeds its allowable strain, its functional integrity is lost. Although most ceramics are designed to a brittle failure criterion, silicon nitride at the temperatures expect ...

35. Interlaboratory verification of silicon nitride tensile creep properties
Published: 4/1/1997
Authors: William E Luecke, Sheldon Martin Wiederhorn
Abstract: Five laboratories tested NIST-supplied, pin-loaded, 76-mm-long tensile creep specimens at 1400 degrees C under a 150 MPa load using flag-based, laser extensometry, The laboratories reported failure time and strain and supplied the individual creep cu ...

36. Sources of Strain-Measurement Error in Flag-Based Extensometry
Published: 6/1/1996
Authors: William E Luecke, J French
Abstract: This paper examines the sources of error in strain measurement using flag-based extensometry that uses either scanning laser or electrooptical extensometers, These errors fall into two groups: errors in measuring the true gauge length of the specimen ...

Published: 8/1/1995
Authors: William E Luecke, Sheldon Martin Wiederhorn, B Hockey, Ralph Krause, Gabrielle Gibbs Long
Abstract: During tensile creep of a hot isostatically pressed (HIPed) silicon nitride, the volume fraction of cavities increases linearly with strain; these cavities produce nearly all of the measured strain. In contrast, compressive creep in the same stress a ...

38. High-Temperature, Tensile, Constitutive Data for World Trade Center Steels
Published: Date unknown
Authors: William E Luecke, Stephen W Banovic, Joseph David McColskey
Abstract: This paper reports high-temperature tensile constitutive data for nine steels recovered from the fire and impact floors of the World Trade Center. Microstructurally, the nine steels represent typical structural steels from the 1970s. It reports the ...

39. Viscous Flow Creep in Ceramics Containing Secondary Crystalline Phases
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Q Jin, D S Wilkinson, G C Weatherly, William E Luecke, Sheldon Martin Wiederhorn
Abstract: Experimental observations of the creep response of a Y^d2^0^d3^-fluxed Si^d3^N^d4^ containing secondary crystalline phases(SP)are presented.The widths of grain-boundary amorphous films before and after creep have been characterized by using transmiss ...

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