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1. Fracture Toughness Characterization of High-Pressure Pipe Girth Welds Using Single-Edge Tension SE(T) Specimens
Published: 8/1/2014
Authors: Enrico Lucon, Timothy S Weeks, James Gianetto, W. R. Tyson, D. Y. Park
Abstract: The safety and reliability of large-diameter pipelines for the transport of fluid hydrocarbons is being improved by the development of high-strength steels, advanced weld technologies and strain-based design (SBD) methodologies. Strain-based design i ...

2. Certification Report for SRM 2216, 2218, 2219: KLST (Miniaturized) Charpy V-Notch Impact Specimens
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 260-180
Published: 7/23/2013
Author: Enrico Lucon
Abstract: This Certification Report documents the procedures used to develop certified values of maximum force (Fm) and absorbed energy (KV) for the following KLST-type miniaturized verification Charpy V-notch impact specimens: , SRM 2216 (low-energy leve ...

3. Effect of Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) on Miniaturized Charpy Test Results
Published: 12/11/2012
Author: Enrico Lucon
Abstract: Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is a manufacturing process whereby a desired shape is obtained through electrical discharges between an electrode and a workpiece, separated by a dielectric fluid. EDM produces a recast layer on the surface of the ...

4. Small Scale Tensile, Charpy V-Notch, and Fracture Toughness Tests
Published: 1/25/2012
Authors: Enrico Lucon, Timothy S Weeks, James Gianetto, W. R. Tyson, D. Y. Park, G Shen, Marie A Quintana, V. B. Rajan, Yong-Yi Wang

5. Small-Scale Low-Constraint Fracture Toughness Test Discussion and Analysis
Published: 1/25/2012
Authors: Enrico Lucon, Timothy S Weeks, James Gianetto, D. Y. Park, W. R. Tyson, G Shen, R S Eagleson

6. Evaluation of Bias for Two Charpy Impact Machines Using the Same Instrumented Striker
Published: 5/1/2011
Authors: Christopher N McCowan, Enrico Lucon, Raymond L Santoyo
Abstract: Two Charpy machines were used to test NIST verification specimens at three energy levels: low energy (≈ 15 J at -40°C), high energy (≈ 100 J at -40°C) and super-high energy (≈ 240 J at room temperature). The study evaluates the diff ...

7. Instrumented Impact Tests: Effects of Machine Variables and Specimen Position
Published: 1/1/2009
Authors: Christopher N McCowan, Enrico Lucon
Abstract: An investigation has been conducted on the influence of impact machine variables and specimen positioning on characteristic forces and absorbed energies from instrumented Charpy tests. Brittle and ductile fracture behavior has been investigated by te ...

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