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21. Fourier Transform Microwave Spectroscopy of Isotopically Substituted Diacetylenes: rs-Structure, Quadrupole Coupling, and Anisotropic Nuclear Spin-Spin Interaction
Published: 9/8/2006
Authors: Francis John Lovas, R D. Suenram, Keiji Matsumura, Takehiko Tanakac

22. Microwave Spectrum and Structure of Furfural
Published: 9/8/2006
Authors: R A Motiyenkoa, E A Alekseev, S F Dyubkoa, Francis John Lovas
Abstract: The microwave spectrum of furfural was investigated in the frequency range 7 GHz to 21 GHz and 49 GHz to 330 GHz. The ground and first torsional state of trans-furfural and ground state of cis-furfural were assigned and analyzed. A total of 1720 rota ...

23. Microwave Spectrum of the Heterodimers: CH^d3^OH-CO^d2^ and CH^d3^OH-H^d2^CO
Published: 9/1/2006
Authors: Vadim V Ilyushin, Francis John Lovas, David F Plusquellic
Abstract: Molecular complexes, dimers and heterodimers, often show interesting structures, large amplitude internal motions and orientations for reaction coordinates. These properties were the motivations for the current study of the rotational spectra of the ...

24. Detection Of Ketenimine (CH^d2^CNH) in SGRB2(N) Hot Cores
Published: 6/28/2006
Authors: Francis John Lovas, J M Hollis, A Remijan, P R Jewell
Abstract: Ketenimine (CH2CNH) has been detected in absorption toward the star-forming region Sagittarius B2(N) with the 100-m Green Bank Telescope (GBT) by means of three rotational transitions: 716-808 at 41.5 GHz, 819-909, at 23.2 GHz, and 918-100,10 at ...

25. Investigating the Limits of Chemical Complexity in SgrB2(N): A Rigorous Attempt to Confirm 1,3-Dihydroxyacetone
Published: 5/10/2006
Authors: A J Apponi, D T Halfen, L M Ziurys, J M Hollis, A Remijan, Francis John Lovas
Abstract: A targeted search for confirming transitions of 1,3-dihydroxyacetone, (CH2OH)2CO, (hereafter DHA), was made toward SgrB2(N) using the ARO SMT and 12m telescope at mm wavelengths. In addition, a targeted search for glyceraldehyde, CH2OHCHOHCHO, was m ...

26. Detection of Acetamide (CH^d3^CONH^d2^): The Largest Interstellar Molecule With a Peptide Bond
Published: 5/2/2006
Authors: J M Hollis, Francis John Lovas, A Remijan, P R Jewell, Vadim V Ilyushin, I Kleiner
Abstract: Acetamide (CH3CONH2) has been detected in emission and absorption toward the star-forming region Sagittarius B2(N) with the 100-m Green Bank Telescope (GBT) by means of four A-species and four E-species rotational transitions. All transitions ha ...

27. Methyltriacetylene (Ch^d3^C^d6^H) Toward TMC-1: Presently, the Largest Detected Symmetric Top
Published: 4/28/2006
Authors: A Remijan, J M Hollis, Lewis E Snyder, P R Jewell, Francis John Lovas
Abstract: We report the detection of a new interstellar methylpolyyne, CH3C6H (methyltriacetylene) with the 100-m Green Bank Telescope (GBT). Ten spectral lines of this species were detected toward TMC-1: the K=0 and K=1 components of the 12,K-11,K, 13,K-12,K, ...

28. Confirmation of Interstellar Methycyanodiacetylene (CH3C5N)
Published: 4/11/2006
Authors: Lewis E Snyder, J M Hollis, P R Jewell, Francis John Lovas, A J Remijan
Abstract: Ten spectral lines of the symmetric-top molecule methylcyanodiacetylene (CH3C5N) have been detected with the 100 m Green Bank Telescope (GBT) toward the Taurus molecular cloud TMC-1. Both K=0 and K=1 components of the 12K-11K, 13K-12K, 14K-13K, 15K- ...

29. Hyperfine Structure Identification of Interstellar Cyanoallene Toward TMC-1
Published: 1/10/2006
Authors: Francis John Lovas, A Remijan, J M Hollis, P R Jewell, Lewis E Snyder
Abstract: Interstellar cyanoallene (CH2CCHCN) has been detected with the 100-m Green Bank Telescope (GBT) toward the dark Taurus Molecular Cloud (TMC-1) by means of the 414-313, 404-303, 515 -414, and 505-404 rotational transitions at 20.2 GHz, 20.6 GHz, 25.2 ...

30. Microwave Spectrum and Structure of Methyl Phosphonic Difluoride
Published: 1/2/2006
Authors: R D. Suenram, Francis John Lovas, David F Plusquellic, M W Elizy, J M Lochner, J O Jensen, A C Samuels
Abstract: The rotational spectrum of methyl phosphonic difluoride has been reinvestigated using a pulsed-molecular-beam Fabry-Perot cavity microwave spectrometer. The enhanced resolution of the Fourier transform microwave (FTMW) spectrometer (compared to the ...

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