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11. Microwave Spectra of Molecules of Astrophysical Interest XXVI. Acetic Acid (CH^d3^COOH)
Published: 2/19/2008
Authors: Vadim V Ilyushin, I Kleiner, Francis John Lovas
Abstract: The microwave spectrum of acetic acid is critically reviewed and supplemented with spectral frequency calculations derived from the rotation-torsion analysis. A simultaneous analysis of the torsional ground state, vt = 0, and first and second torsio ...

12. Reinvestigation of the Microwave Spectrum of 2-Methylmalonaldehyde
Published: 1/11/2008
Authors: Vadim V Ilyushin, E A Alekseev, Y C Chou, Y-C Hsu, Jon Torger Hougen, Francis John Lovas, L B Picaux
Abstract: The molecule 2-methylmalonaldehyde (2-MMA) exists in the gas phase as a six-membered hydrogen-bonded ring [HO-CH=C(CH3)-CH=O] and exhibits two large-amplitude motions, an intramolecular hydrogen transfer and a methyl torsion. The former motion is in ...

13. Detection of Interstellar Cyanoformaldehyde (CNCHO)
Published: 12/31/2007
Authors: Francis John Lovas, Anthony J. Remijan, Jan M. Hollis, Wilmer D. Stork, Phil R. Jewell, D Meier
Abstract: Cyanoformaldehyde (CNCHO) has been detected toward the star-forming region Sagittarius B2(N) with the 100 m Green Bank Telescope (GBT) by means of four P-branch rotational transitions in emission, the 7(0, 7) 6(1, 6) at 8.6GHz, the 8(0, 8) 7(1, 7) at ...

14. Microwave Spectra of Molecules of Astrophysical Interest: XXV. Methylamine
Published: 9/5/2007
Authors: Vadim V Ilyushin, Francis John Lovas
Abstract: The microwave spectrum of methylamine in its ground vibrational state is critically reviewed and supplemented with spectral frequency calculations derived from rotation-internal rotation-inversion analysis. The review covers frequency range from 1 GH ...

15. Detection of C^d8^H^u-^ and Comparison With C^d8^H Toward IRC+10216 With the Green Bank Telescope
Published: 6/27/2007
Authors: A Remijan, J M Hollis, Francis John Lovas, M A Cordiner, J Millar, A J Markwick-Kemper, P R Jewell
Abstract: We report the detection of new transitions of octatetraynyl(C8H) toward the circumstellar envelopeIRC+10216 using data taken with the RobertC.Byrd 100m Green Bank Telescope(GBT). In addition, we report 5 transitions from Ku-, K- and Q-band that have ...

16. Nonthermal continuum toward Sagittarius B2(N-LMH)
Published: 4/11/2007
Authors: J M Hollis, P R Jewell, A Remijan, Francis John Lovas
Abstract: An analysis of continuum antenna temperatures observed in theGBTspectrometer bandpasses is presented for observations toward Sgr B2(N-LMH). Since 2004, we have identified four new prebiotic molecules toward this source by means of rotational transiti ...

17. The Microwave Spectrum of a Two-Top Peptide Mimetic: The N-Acetyl Alanine Methyl Ester Molecule
Published: 9/14/2006
Authors: I Kleiner, J Demaison, David F Plusquellic, R D. Suenram, R J Lavrich, Francis John Lovas, Gerald T Fraser, Vadim V Ilyushin
Abstract: Rotational spectra of the ground torsional state of the N-acetyl alanine methyl ester molecule, a derivative of the alanine dipeptide biomimetic molecule, have been measured using a mini Fourier transform spectrometer between 10 and 20 GHz as part of ...

18. Fourier Transform Microwave Spectroscopy of Isotopically Substituted Diacetylenes: rs-Structure, Quadrupole Coupling, and Anisotropic Nuclear Spin-Spin Interaction
Published: 9/8/2006
Authors: Francis John Lovas, R D. Suenram, Keiji Matsumura, Takehiko Tanakac

19. Microwave Spectrum and Structure of Furfural
Published: 9/8/2006
Authors: R A Motiyenkoa, E A Alekseev, S F Dyubkoa, Francis John Lovas
Abstract: The microwave spectrum of furfural was investigated in the frequency range 7 GHz to 21 GHz and 49 GHz to 330 GHz. The ground and first torsional state of trans-furfural and ground state of cis-furfural were assigned and analyzed. A total of 1720 rota ...

20. Microwave Spectrum of the Heterodimers: CH^d3^OH-CO^d2^ and CH^d3^OH-H^d2^CO
Published: 9/1/2006
Authors: Vadim V Ilyushin, Francis John Lovas, David F Plusquellic
Abstract: Molecular complexes, dimers and heterodimers, often show interesting structures, large amplitude internal motions and orientations for reaction coordinates. These properties were the motivations for the current study of the rotational spectra of the ...

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