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121. Effect of Inhibitor Concentration on the Inhibition Mechanism of Fluoromethanes in Premixed Methane- Air Flames
Published: 8/21/1994
Author: Gregory T Linteris
Abstract: The mechanisms of inhibition premixed methane-air flames in the presence of difluoromethane, trifluoromethane, and tetrafluoromethane are studied. The chemistry of these agents is expected to be similar to that of agents which may be used as repl ...

122. Acid Gas Production in Inhibited Diffusion Flames
Published: 5/3/1994
Authors: Gregory T Linteris, M D King, A Liu, C A. Womeldorf, Y. E. Hsin
Abstract: The proposed replacements to halon 1301, mainly fluorinated and chlorinated hydrocarbons, are expected to be required in significantly higher concentrations than CF3Br to extinguish fires. At these higher concentrations the by-products of the inhibi ...

123. Burning Rate of Premixed Methane-Air Flames Inhibited by Fluorinated Hydrocarbons
Series: OTHER
Published: 5/3/1994
Authors: Gregory T Linteris, L Truett
Abstract: This paper presents the first measurements of the burning rate of premixed flames inhibited by three fluorinated hydrocarbons who‰s chemistry is similar to agents which may he used as replacements for CF3Br. Measurements were made of the reduction ...

124. Flame Inhibition Chemistry and the Search for Additional Fire Fighting Chemicals (NIST SP 861)
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 861
Published: 4/1/1994
Authors: Marc R. Nyden, Gregory T Linteris, Donald R Burgess Jr, P R Westemoreland, Wing Tsang, Michael Russel Zachariah
Abstract: Replacements for the current commercial halons should posses a diverse set of properties which are rarely found together in the same molecule. Thus, the ideal candidate for the replacement of halon 1301 would be a nontoxic gas which is reactive in f ...

125. Agent/System Compatibility for Halon 1301 Aviation Replacement
Published: 10/20/1993
Authors: Richard George Gann, E Braun, Thomas George Cleary, Richard H. Harris Jr., F Horkay, Gregory T Linteris, G B. McKenna, Marc R. Nyden, Richard D Peacock, Richard E Ricker, Mark R Stoudt, W. K. Waldron
Abstract: This project has developed measurement methods and provided data for the appraisal of 12 USAF-specified candidate halon 1301 replacements for compatibility with flight systems, people, and the environment. The exposures of metals, elastomers and lub ...

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