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31. The Molecular Origin of Enhanced Toughness in Double-Network Hydrogels
Published: 10/22/2007
Authors: Taiki Tominaga, Vijay Tirumala, Eric K Lin, Jian P. Gong, Hidemitsu Furukawa, Yoshihito Osada, Wen-Li Wu
Abstract: The long-standing pursuit of a synthetic equivalent to tissue cartilage has seen significant new activity with the development of a new materials strategy: double-network hydrogels (DN-gels) prepared from a combination of an anionic polyelectrolyte ...

32. The Direct Patterning of Nanoporous Interlayer Dielectric Insulator Films by Nanoimprint Lithography
Published: 10/2/2007
Authors: Hyun Wook Ro, Ronald Leland Jones, H Peng, Daniel R. Hines, Hae-Jeong Lee, Eric K Lin, Alamgir Karim, Do Y. Yoon, D Gidley, Christopher L Soles
Abstract: Directly patterning dielectric insulator materials via nanoimprint lithography has the potential to simplify fabrication processes and significantly reduce the manufacturing costs for semiconductor devices. However, the prospect of mechanically form ...

33. Combinatorial screening of the effect of temperature on the microstructure and mobility of a high performance polythiophene semiconductor
Published: 9/26/2007
Authors: Leah A. Lucas, Dean M DeLongchamp, Brandon M. Vogel, Eric K Lin, Michael J Fasolka, Daniel A Fischer, Iain McCulloch, Martin Heeney, Ghassan E Jabbour

34. Small Angle X-Ray Scattering Measurements of Lithographic Patterns With Sidewall Roughness From Vertical Standing Waves
Published: 5/10/2007
Authors: Chengqing C. Wang, Ronald Leland Jones, Eric K Lin, Wen-Li Wu, Jim Leu
Abstract: Characterization of standing wave induced roughness is demonstrated using small angle x-ray scattering (SAXS). This roughness originates from the interference of the incident and reflected light beams during photoresist imaging, and is an important ...

35. I-NEMI 2007 Organic and Printed Electronics Roadmap
Published: 4/2/2007
Authors: Jan Obrzut, Regis J Kline, Eric K Lin, David J Gundlach, Daniel Gamota
Abstract: This roadmap provides an overview of the most critical technologies necessary for commercial launch and market diffusion of organic & printed electronics based products. To the best of our knowledge, this roadmap is the first of its kind and as such ...

36. High Carrier Mobility Polythiophene Thin Films: Structure Determination by Experiment and Theory
Published: 3/19/2007
Authors: Dean M DeLongchamp, Regis J Kline, Eric K Lin, Daniel A Fischer, Lee J Richter, Leah A. Lucas, Martin Heeney, Iain McCulloch, John E Northrup
Abstract: We exploit the unprecedented crystallinity of poly(2,5-bis(3-alkylthiophene-2-yl)thieno[3,2-b]thiophenes) (pBTTTs) high performance semiconducting polymers to study structural detail within 25 nm thick films of a pBTTT with tetradecyl side chains (p ...

37. Ordering in Poly (3-alkylthiophene) Thin Films Determined with Polarized Optical Spectroscopies
Published: 3/16/2007
Authors: M C. Gurau, Dean M DeLongchamp, Brandon M. Vogel, Eric K Lin, Daniel A Fischer, S Sambasivan, Lee J Richter

38. Structure Characterization of Nanoporous Interlevel Dielectric Thin Films With X-Ray and Neutron Radiation
Published: 3/6/2007
Authors: Christopher L Soles, Hae-Jeong Lee, B D. Vogt, Eric K Lin, Wen-Li Wu
Abstract: The structure characterization of nanoporous interlevel dielectric (ILD) thin films is challenging because of the small sample volumes and nanometer dimensions of the pores. In this chapter, we review characterization methods for porous ILD material ...

39. Effect of Photoacid Generator Concentration and Developer Strength on the Patterning Capabilities of a Model EUV Photoresist
Published: 2/25/2007
Authors: Kwang-Woo Choi, Vivek M Prabhu, Kristopher Lavery, Eric K Lin, Wen-Li Wu, John Taylor Woodward IV, Michael Leeson, H Cao, Manish Chandhok, George Thompson
Abstract: Current extreme ultraviolet (EUV) photoresist materials do not yet meet requirements on exposure-dose sensitivity, line-width roughness (LWR), and resolution. Fundamental studies are required to quantify the trade-offs in materials properties and pr ...

40. Evaluation of the 3D Compositional Fluctuation Effect on Line-Edge-Roughness
Published: 2/25/2007
Authors: Shuhui Kang, Wen-Li Wu, B D. Vogt, Vivek M Prabhu, Eric K Lin, Karen Turnquest
Abstract: Line-edge-roughness (LER) and the relationship to resist processing and materials design is a critical problem for sub-65 nm photolithography. In this work we investigate how chemical composition fluctuations (heterogeneity) produced by the reaction ...

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