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1. Characterization of Laminin on Silanized Polydimethylsiloxane
Published: 8/21/2008
Authors: Joy P Dunkers, Lisa M Hughes, Hae-Jeong Lee, Marvi Matos, Marcus T Cicerone
Abstract: In this work, we characterize a protein surface on a flexible polydimethylsiloxane substrate (PDMS) capable of undergoing strain. We compare the results from two different surface treatments: physically adsorbed laminin on PDMS and laminin deposited ...

2. Characterization of Nanoporous Low-K Thin Films by SANS Contrast Variation
Published: Date unknown
Authors: R C. Hedden, Hae-Jeong Lee, Barry J. Bauer
Abstract: Small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) contrast variation is applied to characterization of nanoporous low-dielectric constant (low-k) thin films. Films are exposed to saturated solvent vapor in air, whereby the pores fill with liquid by capillary co ...

3. Characterization of Nanoporous Low-k Thin Films by Contrast Match SANS
Published: 4/1/2003
Authors: R C. Hedden, Barry J. Bauer, Hae-Jeong Lee
Abstract: Small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) contrast variation is used to characterize matrix properties and pore size in nanoporous low-k thin films. Using a vapor adsorption technique, SANS measurements are used to identify a contrast match solvent mix ...

4. Characterization of Ordered Mesoporous Silica Films Using Small Angle Neutron Scattering and X-Ray Porosimetry
Published: 2/23/2005
Authors: B D. Vogt, R A. Pai, Hae-Jeong Lee, R C. Hedden, Christopher L Soles, Wen-Li Wu, Eric K Lin, Barry J. Bauer, J J. Watkins
Abstract: Ordered mesoporous silica films were synthesized using pre-organized block copolymer templates in supercritical carbon dioxide. Poly(ethylene oxide-block-propylene oxide-block-ethylene oxide), PEO-b-PPO-b-PEO, films doped with p-toluenesulfonic acid ...

5. Characterization of Pore Structure in Nanoporous Low-Dielectric Constant Thin Film by Neutron Porosimetry X-Ray Porosimetry
Published: 7/2/2004
Authors: R C. Hedden, Hae-Jeong Lee, Christopher L Soles, Barry J. Bauer
Abstract: A small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) porosimetry technique is presented for characterization of pore structure in nanoporous thin films. The technique is applied to characterize a spin-on organosilicate low dielectric constant (low-k) material wi ...

6. Characterizing Pattern Structures Using X-Ray Reflectivity
Published: 3/28/2008
Authors: Hae-Jeong Lee, Christopher L Soles, Hyun Wook Ro, Shuhui Kang, Eric K Lin, Alamgir Karim, Wen-Li Wu
Abstract: Specular X-ray reflectivity (SXR) can be used, in the limit of the effective medium approximation (EMA), as a high-resolution shape metrology for periodic patterns on a planar substrate. The EMA means that the density of the solid pattern and the sp ...

7. Confinement Effects on Mositure Absorption Kinetics in Polyelectrolyte Films
Published: 9/1/2003
Authors: B D. Vogt, Christopher L Soles, Hae-Jeong Lee, Eric K Lin, Wen-Li Wu
Abstract: Quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) measurements were used to determine the absorption of water into thin poly(4-ammonium styrenesulfonic acid) films from saturated vapor at 25 C. The effect of film thickness on the absorption kinetics was inves ...

8. Determination of Closed Pore Content in Nanoporous Films by SANS Contrast Match
Published: 3/1/2002
Authors: R C. Hedden, Barry J. Bauer, Hae-Jeong Lee, Wen-Li Wu
Abstract: Much of the recent developmental efforts in low-k dielectrics involve production of nanoporous thin films. By using synthetic technicques that leave nanometer-sized (< 5 nm) pores in the dielectric, the resultant dielectric constant can be reduced t ...

9. Determination of Pore Size Distributions in Nanoporous Low-K Thin Films From Small Angle Neutron Scattering
Published: 4/1/2003
Authors: Barry J. Bauer, R C. Hedden, Hae-Jeong Lee, Christopher L Soles, Da-Wei Liu
Abstract: Small angle neutron and x-ray scattering (SANS, SAXS) are powerful tools in determination of the pore size and content of nano-porous materials with low dielectric constants (low-k) that are being developed as interlevel dielectrics. Several models ...

10. Differences in PDMS Modification Affect Laminin Deposition and Smooth Muscle Cell Response
Published: 8/16/2009
Authors: Joy P Dunkers, Hae-Jeong Lee, Marvi Matos, Lisa Pakstis, Juan M. Taboas, Steven D Hudson, Marcus T Cicerone
Abstract: When culturing cells on flexible surfaces, it is important to consider extracellular matrix treatments that will remain on the surface under mechanical strain. Here we investigate differences in laminin surfaces that were deposited on oxidized PDMS ( ...

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