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81. Software Quality Lessons From Medical Device Failure Data
Report Number: 6407
Published: 11/1/1999
Authors: D Wallace, David R Kuhn
Abstract: Most complex systems today contain software, and systems failures activated by software faults can provide lessons for software development practices and software quality assurance. This report presents an analysis of 342 software-related failures o ...

82. Software Certification: Testing and Measurement
Published: 7/30/1999
Authors: S A. Wakid, David R Kuhn, D Wallace
Abstract: The focus of this article is on cost effective processes for measuring conformance, dependability, and performance of software as three key attributes of its quality. This article discusses the application of principles of measurement science to sof ...

83. A Role-Based Access Control Model and Reference Implementation Within a Corporate Intranet
Published: 2/1/1999
Authors: David F Ferraiolo, John Barkley, David R Kuhn
Abstract: This paper describes NIST's enhanced RBAC model and our approach to designing and implementing RBAC features for networked Web servers. The RBAC model formalized in this paper is based on the properties that were first described in Ferraiolo and Kuhn ...

84. Role-Based Access Control for the Web
Published: 10/29/1998
Authors: John Barkley, David R Kuhn, Lynne S. Rosenthal, Mark Skall, Anthony V. Cincotta
Abstract: Establishing and maintaining a presence on the World Wide Web (Web), once a sideline for U.S. industry, has become a key strategic aspect of marketing and sales. Many companies have demonstrated that a well designed Web site can have a positive effec ...

85. Role Based Access Control on MLS Systems Without Kernel Changes
Published: 10/23/1998
Author: David R Kuhn
Abstract: Role based access control (RBAC) is attracting increasing attention as a security mechanism for both commercial and many military systems. This paper shows how RBAC can be implemented using the mechanisms available on traditional multi-level security ...

86. Software Standards
Published: 10/22/1998
Authors: David R Kuhn, Thomas R. Rhodes, Christopher E Dabrowski
Abstract: This article describes software standards and their characteristics. Development considerations for programmers using standards are explained as well.

87. Fault Classes and Error Detection in Specification Based Testing
Report Number: 6140
Published: 2/1/1998
Author: David R Kuhn
Abstract: Specification based testing relies upon methods for generating test cases from predicates in a software specification. These methods derive various test conditions from logic expressions, with the aim of detecting different types of faults. Some au ...

88. Mutual Exclusion of Roles as a Means of Implementing Separation of Duty in Role-Based Access Control Systems
Published: 11/7/1997
Author: David R Kuhn
Abstract: Role based access control (RBAC) is attracting increasing attention as a security mechanism for both commercial and many military systems. Much of RBAC is fundamentally different from multi-level security (MLS) systems, and the properties of RBAC sys ...

89. Role Based Access Control for the World Wide Web
Published: 10/10/1997
Authors: John Barkley, Anthony V. Cincotta, David F Ferraiolo, Serban Ilie Gavrila, David R Kuhn
Abstract: One of the most challenging problems in managing large networked systems is the complexity of security administration. This is particularly true for organizations that AWeb (WWW) servers. Today, security administration is costly and prone to error be ...

90. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC): Features and Motivations
Published: 12/15/1995
Authors: David F Ferraiolo, Janet A. Cugini, David R Kuhn
Abstract: The central notion of Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is that users do not have discretionary access to enterprise objects. Instead, access permissions are administratively associated with roles, and users are administratively made members of approp ...

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