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21. Carbon nanotube applications to scanning probe microscopy for next generation semiconductor metrology
Published: 8/3/2010
Authors: Victor H. Vartanian, Paul McClure, Vladimir Mancevski, Joseph J Kopanski, Phillip D. Rack, Ilona Sitnitsky, Matthew D. Bresin, Vincent LaBella, Kathleen Dunn
Abstract: This paper presents an evaluation of e-beam assisted deposition and welding of conductive carbon nanotube (c-CNT) tips for electrical scanning probe microscope measurements. Variations in CNT tip conductivity and contact resistance during fabrication ...

22. Conductive Nanotube-based Scanning Probe Microscopy Applications
Published: 6/30/2010
Authors: Paul McClure, Vladimir Mancevski, Joseph J Kopanski, Ilona Sitnitsky, Vincent LaBella, Kathleen Dunn, Matthew D. Bresin, Phillip D. Rack, Victor H. Vartanian

23. Spatial Resolution of Electrical Measurements Performed with Scanning Probe Microscope as a Function of Tip Shape
Published: 3/15/2010
Authors: Joseph J Kopanski, Ilona Sitnitsky, Vincent LaBella

24. Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology: A NSF/NIST Partnership
Published: 2/1/2010
Authors: Christopher C White, Chiara F Ferraris, Lisa Jean Fronczek, Joseph J Kopanski, David B Newell

25. Advanced Capacitance Metrology for Nanoelectronic Device Characterization
Published: 10/5/2009
Authors: Curt A Richter, Joseph J Kopanski, Yicheng Wang, Muhammad Yaqub Afridi, Xiaoxiao Zhu, D. E Ioannou, Qiliang Li, Chong Jiang
Abstract: We designed and fabricated a test chip (consisting of an array of metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) capacitors and metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitors ranging from 0.3 fF to 1.2 pF) for use in evaluating the performance of new measurement approaches ...

26. Enhanced Spatial Resolution Scanning Kelvin Force Microscopy Using Conductive Carbon Nanotube Tips
Published: 10/5/2009
Authors: Joseph J Kopanski, Paul McClure, Vladimir Mancevski
Abstract: The response of a scanning Kelvin force microscope (SKFM) was measured with conventional micromachined silicon tips coated with Au and with advanced tips terminated with a carbon nanotube (CNT). A simple model of the SKFM predicts enhanced spatial re ...

27. Test Chip to Evaluate Measurement Methods for Small Capacitances
Published: 3/30/2009
Authors: Joseph J Kopanski, Muhammad Yaqub Afridi, Chong Jiang, Curt A Richter
Abstract: We designed and fabricated a test chip to help us evaluate the performance of new approaches to measurement of small capacitances (femto-Farads to atto-Farads range). The test chip consists of an array of metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitors, metal-i ...

28. Scanning Probe Microscopy for Dielectric and Metal Characterization
Published: 6/10/2008
Authors: Joseph J Kopanski, Thomas R Walker
Abstract: The properties of both insulators and metals can be characterized capacitively with scanning probe microscopy, though the techniques employed are different. Intermittent contact scanning capacitance microscopy (IC-SCM) is a useful technique for chara ...

29. Scanning Kelvin Force Microscopy For Characterizing Nanostructures in Atmosphere
Published: 9/30/2007
Authors: Joseph J Kopanski, Muhammad Yaqub Afridi, Stoyan Jeliazkov, Weirong Jiang, Thomas R Walker
Abstract: The Electrostatic Force Microscope (EFM) and its variants are of interest for the measurement of potential distributions within nanostructures, and for work function measurements of gate metals for next generation CMOS. In phase mode, the EFM measure ...

30. Surface Grafting of Polypyrrole onto Silicon Wafers
Published: 8/1/2007
Authors: Daeson Sohn, Hyoseung Moon, Michael J Fasolka, Naomi Eidelman, Sang-Mo Koo, Curt A Richter, Eun S. Park, Joseph J Kopanski, Eric J. Amis
Abstract: A micromolding technique in capillaries was adapted to make uniform patterns of polypyrrole (Ppy), and the conductivities of the patterns were measured by direct contact IV curves and conductance AFM methods. Noncovalently bound Ppy patterns have hig ...

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