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21. Bulk-Moduli Systematics in Oxides, Including Superconductors
Published: 1/1/2001
Authors: H M Ledbetter, Sudook A. Kim
Abstract: For oxides, including superconductors, we consider the systematics fo the bulk-modulus/atomic-volume (B/V^d{alpha}^) relationship. For nonsuperconducting oxides, the B-V^d{alpha} diagram shows that most oxides fall in three sets: (1) rocksalt crysta ...

22. Metal-Oxide Debye Temperature's and Elastic Constants: Estimation From Interionic Spacing
Published: 1/1/2001
Authors: H M Ledbetter, Sudook A. Kim
Abstract: For cubic metal oxides, we show relationships between crystal-structure-volume properties and elastic-stiffness properties. The interionic distance (or the crystal structure plus volume) gives the bulk modulus B. The product of effective atomic mas ...

23. Elastic Stiffnesses of an Nb-Ti/Cu-Composite Superconductive Wire
Published: 9/1/2000
Authors: Sudook A. Kim, H M Ledbetter, H Ogi
Abstract: Elastic-stiffness coefficients were determined on a 1.4-mm-diameter wire consisting of superconducting Nb-Ti fibers in a copper matrix, with a polyvinyl-resin coating. The matrix contained 324 Nb-Ti fibers. An electromagnetic-acoustic-resonance met ...

24. Young-Modulus Determination of an Orthotropic Thin Plate in the Through-Thickness
Published: 6/1/1999
Authors: Sudook A. Kim, H M Ledbetter
Abstract: We give a new approach to obtain the Young modulus of a thin orthotropic plate in the through-thickness-direction.

25. Acoustic Study of Texture in Polycrystalline Brass
Published: 5/1/1999
Authors: K Foster, S L Fairburn, R G Leisure, Sudook A. Kim, Davor Balzar, G A Alers, H M Ledbetter
Abstract: Resonant ultrasonic spectroscopy was used to measure the orthorhombic elastic constants of rolled, polycrystalline plates of Cu, Cu - 5% Zn, and Cu - 15% Zn. The experimental results were in good agreement with theory for the Cu and the Cu-15% Zn ma ...

26. Internal Friction and Creep-Recovery in Indium
Published: 5/1/1999
Authors: H M Ledbetter, N Sizova, Sudook A. Kim, H Kobayashi, S Sgobba, L Parrini
Abstract: Using low-stress pseudoshear deformation, we measured the ambient-temperature creep-recovery behavior of polycrystalline indium.

27. Low-Temperature Elastic Constants of Polycrystalline Indium
Published: 8/1/1998
Authors: Sudook A. Kim, H M Ledbetter
Abstract: Using an ultrasonic pulse-echo method, we measured the elastic constants of polycrystalline indium from 300 K to 5K. All elastic constants showed regular temperature behavior as predicted by an Einstein-oscillator model. The shear and Young moduli ...

28. Accuracy of Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy: An Experimental Study
Published: 10/1/1997
Authors: M C Renken, Sudook A. Kim, K W Hollman, C M Fortunko
Abstract: We use Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy (RUS) to routinely determine elasticstifftness coefficents. To establish the uncertaintly of RUS, we determined the longitudinal wave velocity in a cylinder (25.6 mm x 25.4 mm diam.) of fused silica using thre ...

29. Internal Friction and Elastic Constants of Sintered Titanium
Published: 12/1/1996
Authors: H M Ledbetter, Martin Dunn, Sudook A. Kim
Abstract: Using a Marx-oscillator standing-wave resonance method, we measured the internal friction {quaternary}^-1^ of sintered titanium containing up to 26 volume-percent voids (c). The surprising {quaternary}^u1^ versus-c curve shape, an exponential incre ...

30. Clementite's Elastic Constants
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Sudook A. Kim, H M Ledbetter
Abstract: By extrapolation, we estimated cementite's elastic constants. Altogether, we studied seven Fe-C binary alloys varying from 0 to 17.3 atomic percent carbon. Thus, we measured hypoeutectoid, near eutectoid, and hypereutectoid alloys. For cementite, ...

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