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51. Reconstitution of the Pore-Forming Toxin {alpha}-Hemolysin in Phospholipid/18-Octadecyl-1-thiahexa(ethylene oxide) and Phospholipid/n-Octadecanethiol Supported Bilayer Membranes
Published: 12/26/2000
Authors: S. A. Glazier, David J. Vanderah, Anne L Plant, H Bayley, Gintaras Valincius, John J Kasianowicz

52. Driven DNA Transport Into an Asymmetric Nanometer-Scale Pore
Published: 10/2/2000
Authors: S. E. Henrickson, Martin Misakian, B Robertson, John J Kasianowicz
Abstract: To understand the mechanism by which individual DNA molecules partition into a nanometer-scale pore, we studied the concentration and voltage dependence of polynucleotide-induced current blockades of single a-hemolysin ionic channels. At fixed singl ...

53. Diffusion Bias and Photophysical Dynamics of Single Molecules in Unsupported Lipid Bilayer Membranes Probed with Confocal Microscopy
Published: 7/1/2000
Authors: D L. Burden, John J Kasianowicz
Abstract: We utilize scanning confocal fluorescence microscopy to interrogate single fluorescent lipid molecules in unsupported planar bilayers. At high photon flux, an optical trapping effect appears that is approximately 100,000 times larger than predicted ...

54. Interrogating Unsupported Lipid Bilayers With Scanning Confocal Single-Molecule Fluorescence Microscopy
Published: 1/23/2000
Authors: D L. Burden, John J Kasianowicz
Abstract: We describe the use of scanning confocal fluorescence microscopy to probe the structure and temporal dynamics of unsupported planar lipid bilayer membranes. At high fluorescent label concentration, the shape and stability of the membranes are evalua ...

55. Electrostatically Driven Polymer Translocation Through a Narrow Pore
Published: 1/1/2000
Authors: Z Konkoli, T Ambjornsson, S P Apell, John J Kasianowicz
Abstract: We studied theoretically how single-stranded DNA enters a nanometer-scale pore. We describe the flux of DNA molecules into the pore as a function of the applied electrostatic potential. The number of polynucleotide segments that entered the pore's ...

56. Microsecond time-scale discrimination among polycytidylic acid, polyadenylic acid, and polyuridylic acid as homopolymers or as segments within single RNA molecules
Published: 12/1/1999
Authors: M Akeson, D Branton, John J Kasianowicz, E Brandin, D W Deamer
Abstract: Single molecules of DNA or RNA can be detected as they are driven through a single alpha-hemolysin channel by an applied electric field. During translocation, nucleotides within the polynucleotide must pass through the channel pore in sequential sin ...

57. Dynamic Partitioning of Neutral Polymers into a Single Ion Channel
Published: 6/1/1999
Authors: S. M. Bezrukov, John J Kasianowicz
Abstract: Polymers partitioning into highly confined spaces can be studied using single nanometer-scale pores formed by protein ion channels. The ionic conductance of a channel depends on the state of occupancy of the pore by polymer and serves as a measure o ...

58. Genetically Engineered Metal Ion Binding Sites on the Outside of a Channel's Transmembrane {Beta}-Barrel
Published: 2/1/1999
Authors: John J Kasianowicz, D L Burden, L C Han, S Cheley, H Bayley
Abstract: We are exploring the ability of genetically engineered versions of the Staphlococcus aureus {alpha}HL} ion channel to serve as rationally designed sensor components for analytes including divalent cations. We show here that neither the hemolytic act ...

59. Anthrax Toxin Functional Assay: Lethal Factor Binding to Protective Antigen Ion Channel
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Kelly Halverson, R G Panchal, T L Nguyen, S Little, Martin Misakian, Sina Bavari, John J Kasianowicz
Abstract: Bacillus anthracis secretes three toxins (protective antigen, PA; lethal factor, LF; and edema factor, EF) that are the molecular basis of anthrax-induced cell death. We studied the functional interaction between LF and activated PA (PA63) in planar ...

60. Model for the Asymmetric DC and Fluctuating Conduction of an Ion Channel
Published: Date unknown
Authors: B Robertson, John J Kasianowicz
Abstract: A model for the asymmetric DC conduction of an ion channel is compared with measurements of the ionic current carried by an aqueous potassium chloride solution through ion channels formed by alpha hemolysin in a lipid bilayer. The dependence of the ...

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