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31. Enzyme Activity to Augment the Characterization of Tethered Bilayer Membranes
Published: 5/10/2006
Authors: G Valincius, D J. McGillivray, W Febo-Ayala, David J. Vanderah, John J Kasianowicz, M Losche

32. Conductance and Ion Selectivity of a Mesoscopic Protein Nanopore Probed with Cysteine Scanning Mutagenesis
Published: 11/1/2005
Authors: P Merzlyak, Maria-Fatima P. Capistrano, Angela Valeva, John J Kasianowicz, Oleg V Krasilnikov

33. Conductance and ion selectivity of a mesoscopic protein nanopore probed with cysteine scanning mutagenesis
Published: 11/1/2005
Authors: Petr Merzlyak, Maria-Fatima P. Capistrano, Angela Valeva, John J Kasianowicz, Oleg V Krasilnikov
Abstract: Nanometer-scale, proteinaceous pores are the basis of ion and macromolecular transport in cells and organelles. Recent studies suggest that ion channels and synthetic nanopores may prove useful in biotechnological applications. To better understand t ...

34. Transport of DNA through single nanometer-scale pore: evolution of signal structure
Published: 7/10/2005
Authors: Vincent M Stanford, John J Kasianowicz

35. Functional Reconstitution of Ion Channels in POlymerizable Lipid Membranes
Published: 6/1/2005
Authors: Devanand K. Shenoy, W Barger, A Singh, Rekha Panchal, M Misakian, Vincent M Stanford, John J Kasianowicz

36. Functional Reconstitution of Protein Ion Channels Into Planar Polymerizable Phospholipid Membranes
Published: 6/1/2005
Authors: D K Shenoy, W R Barger, A Singh, R G Panchal, Martin Misakian, Vincent M Stanford, John J Kasianowicz

37. Purified Bacillus Anthracis Lethal Toxin Complex Formed In Vitro and During Infection Exhibits Functional and Biological Activity
Published: 3/18/2005
Authors: Rekha Panchal, Kelly Halverson, Wilson Ribot, Douglas Lane, Tara Kenny, Teresa G Abshire, John W Ezzell, Timothy A Hoover, Bradford Powell, Stephen Little, John J Kasianowicz, Sina Bavari
Abstract: Anthrax protective antigen (PA, 83 kDa), a pore-forming protein upon protease activation to 63 kDa (PA63), translocates lethal factor (LF) and edema factor (EF) from endosomes into the cytosol of the cell. The relatively small size of the heptameric ...

38. Micro-Electroplating Silver on Sharp Edges for Fabrication of Solid-State Nanopores
Published: 8/11/2004
Authors: Brian J. Polk, Melanie Bernard, John J Kasianowicz, Martin Misakian, Michael Gaitan
Abstract: Electrodeposition of silver was investigated as a fabrication tool for infilling large (103 mm2) vias in silicon substrates. Silver reduction from ammoniacal silver nitrate was studied at electrodes of novel geometry, i.e. the edge of the vias, with ...

39. Membrane Surface Dynamics of DNA-Threaded Nanopores Revealed by Simultaneous Single-Molecule Optical and Ensemble Electrical Recording
Published: 2/3/2004
Authors: E L Chandler, A L Smith, Lisa K Burden, John J Kasianowicz, D L Burden
Abstract: We demonstrate a method for simultaneous real-time electrical and single-molecule optical recordings of the interactions between single-stranded DNA and nanoscopic pores in planar lipid membranes. Electrophysiological techniques are used to measure ...

40. Electrostatic Influence on Ion Transport through the alpha HL Channel
Published: 10/1/2003
Authors: M Misakian, John J Kasianowicz
Abstract: The current-voltage relationship of a single Staphylococcus aureus {alpha}-hemolysin({alpha}HL) channel is nonlinear, rectifying, and depends on the bulk pH and the ionic strength. The data are described qualitatively by a simple one-dimensional Ner ...

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