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31. Water Absorption in Thin Photoresist Films
Published: 2/1/2004
Authors: B D. Vogt, Christopher L Soles, Ronald Leland Jones, Vivek M Prabhu, Wen-Li Wu, Eric K Lin
Abstract: In this work, we quantify deviations in the moisture absorption into model photoresist films upon changing thickness. Both the thermodynamics and kinetics of the absorption process are examined. Water in the resist films has been shown to have a sign ...

32. Do Nonequilibrium Effects Control Strong Surface Segregation From Polymer Blends?
Published: 1/1/2004
Authors: A Indrakanti, Ronald Leland Jones, S K Kumar
Abstract: Prior experiments on miscible polymer blend films, where one component segregates to both surfaces, show that the surface segregation profile flattens as film thickness decreases. Recent Small Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS) experiments suggest a qu ...

33. Small Angle X-Ray Scattering for Sub-100 nm Pattern Characterization
Published: 11/1/2003
Authors: Ronald Leland Jones, T Hu, Eric K Lin, Wen-Li Wu, R Kolb, D Casa, P J Bolton, G G Barclay
Abstract: The characterization of sub-100 nm photolithographic patterns with nanometer scale resolution is demonstrated using Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS). The transmission scattering geometry employed is capable of high throughput measurements with eq ...

34. 3-Dimensional Lineshape Metrology Using Small Angle X-ray Scattering
Published: 9/1/2003
Authors: Ronald Leland Jones, T J Hu, Eric K Lin, Wen-Li Wu, D M Casa, G G Barclay
Abstract: The need for sub-nanometer precision metrology of dense patterns for future technology nodes challenges current methods based on light scatterometry, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and atomic force microscopy (AFM). We provide results of initi ...

35. Fast Evaluation of Next-Generation Lithographical Patterns by Small Angle X-Ray Scattering
Published: 9/1/2003
Authors: T Hu, Ronald Leland Jones, Wen-Li Wu, Christopher L Soles, Eric K Lin, M Arpan, D M Casa
Abstract: As the semiconductor industry moves to next-generation lithographies, evaluation of the patterns is more stringent. We demonstrate the capability of small angel X-ray scattering in a fast evaluation of periodicity, size of the patterns, average profi ...

36. Form of Deprotection in Chemically Amplified Resists
Published: 9/1/2003
Authors: Ronald Leland Jones, T J Hu, Vivek M Prabhu, Christopher L Soles, Eric K Lin, Wen-Li Wu, D L Goldfarb, M Angelopoulos
Abstract: The push to mass production of patterns with sub-100 nm dimensions will require nanometer level control of feature size, including line edge roughness (LER). Control of LER and sidewall roughness within the length scale of individual molecules requi ...

37. NEXAFS Measurements of the Surface Chemistry of Chemically Amplified Photoresists
Published: 9/1/2003
Authors: E Jablonski, M Angelopoulos, H Ito, Joseph~undefined~undefined~undefined~undefined~undefined Lenhart, S Sambasivan, Daniel A Fischer, Ronald Leland Jones, Eric K Lin, Wen-Li Wu, D L Goldfarb, K Temple
Abstract: Near edge x-ray absorption fine structure (NEXAFS) spectroscopy was used to quantify the surface composition profile (top 1 nm to 6 nm) of model chemically amplified photoresists with various photo-acid generators. These materials are prone to inter ...

38. Polyelectrolyte Effects in Model Photoresist Developer Solutions
Published: 8/1/2003
Authors: Vivek M Prabhu, Ronald Leland Jones, Eric K Lin, Wen-Li Wu
Abstract: We demonstrate that the industrially relevant deprotected photoresist poly(4-hydroxy styrene) is a polyelectrolyte when dissolved in aqueous base solutions. These findings demonstrate the well-known monomer-monomer correlations indicative of polyel ...

39. Deprotection Volume Characteristics and Line Edge Morphology in Chemically Amplified Resists
Published: 6/1/2003
Authors: Ronald Leland Jones, C G Willson, T J Hu, Vivek M Prabhu, Christopher L Soles, Eric K Lin, Wen-Li Wu, D L Goldfarb, M Angelopoulos, B C Trinque
Abstract: The focus of this paper is the form of spatial heterogeneity of deprotection at the eventual pattern edge. The form results from the packing of fuzzy blobs consisting of volumes of deprotection created by individual photogenerated acids. The for ...

40. Sub-Nanometer Wavelength Metrology of Lithographically Prepared Structures: A Comparison of Neutron and X-Ray Scattering
Published: 6/1/2003
Authors: Ronald Leland Jones, T Hu, Eric K Lin, Wen-Li Wu, D M Casa, Ndubuisi George Orji, Theodore Vincent Vorburger, P J Bolton, G G Barclay
Abstract: The challenges facing current metrologies based on SEM, AFM, and light scatterometry for technology nodes of 157 nm imaging and beyond suggest that the development of new metrologies capable of routine measurement in this regime are required. We pro ...

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