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1. A Bone Ash Standard for ^u90^Sr, ^u210^Po, Uranium and Actinides
Published: 1/1/1994
Authors: P W Krey, M S Feiner, C G Sanderson, J Mcinroy, Kenneth G. Inn, J M Hutchinson

2. A Summary of the Proceedings of the Workshop on Standard Phantoms for {I}In-Vivo{I} Radioactivity Measurement
Published: 1/1/1991
Authors: Kenneth G. Inn, G H Kramer

3. An Orthogonal Design of Experiment / Exploratory Data Analysis for Putonium Contaminatian
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Hiromu Kurosaki, Robert Radford, James J Filliben, Kenneth G. Inn
Abstract: This paper describes statistical experimental design approach of identifying sources of Pu contamination throughout analysis of shellfish at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The potential sources of contamination included th ...

4. Basic Considerations for the Preparation of Performance Testing Materials as Related to Performance Evaluation Acceptance Criteria
Published: 1/1/2001
Authors: D E Mccurdy, J S Morton, Kenneth G. Inn

5. Bioassay Procedures for Neptunium-237
Published: 1/1/1995
Authors: S Y. Lee, J M Hutchinson, Kenneth G. Inn, M Thein

6. Blueprint for Radioanalytical Metrology CRM's
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Kenneth G. Inn, Hiromu Kurosaki, Carole Frechou, Chris Gilligan, Robert Jones, Stephen LaMont, Jeff Leggitt, Chunsheng Li, Keith McCroan, Ronald Swatski
Abstract: In 1977, the International Committee on Radionuclide Metrology's (ICRM) Low-Level Working Group (LLWG) workshop, a long-term blueprint for a new series of natural-matrix reference materials was developed. Over the ensuing decades national and social ...

7. Characterization of the NIST Seaweed Standard Reference Material
Published: 1/1/2006
Authors: O Outola, J Filliben, Kenneth G. Inn, Jerome LaRosa, C A McMahon, G A Peck, J Twining, S G Tims, L K Fifield, P Smedley, M P Ant {?}n, C Gasc {?}, P Povinec, M K Pham, A Raaum, H -J Wei, G C Krijger, P Bouisset, A E Litherland, W E Kieser, M Betti, L Aldave de las heras, G H Hong, E Holm, L Skipperud, A V Harms, A Arinc, M Youngman, D Arnold, H Wershofen, D S Sill, S Bohrer, H Dahlgaard, I W Croudace, P E Warwick, T K Ik{amlat}heimonen, S Klemola, S M Vakulovsky, J A Sanchez-cabeza

8. Characterization of the NIST Shellfish Standard Reference Material 4358
Published: 3/1/2013
Authors: Svetlana Nour, Kenneth G. Inn, James J Filliben, Hank dan der Gaast, Lee Chung Men, M.D. Calmet, P Povinec, Y Takata, M. Wisdom, K. Nakamura, Pia Vesterbacka, Ching-Chung Huang, S M Vakulovsky
Abstract: A new Shellfish Standard Reference Material (SRM 4358) was developed at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) via an international intercomparison project that involved 12 laboratories-participants from 9 countries (Table 1). This ...

9. Competence of Alpha Spectrometry Analysis Algorithms used to Resolve the ^u241^Am and ^u243^Am Alpha Peak Overlap
Published: 1/1/2002
Authors: Z Lin, A Berne, B Cummings, J Filliben, Kenneth G. Inn

10. Current Status of Bioassay Procedures to Detect and Quantify Previous Exposures to Radioactive Materials
Published: 1/1/1991
Authors: B Boecker, R Hall, Kenneth G. Inn, J Lawrence, P Ziemer, G Eisele, B Wachholz, W Burr

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