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41. Draft Radioanalytical Water and Soil Performance Testing Uncertainty Acceptance Criteria Derived From Historical Mixed-Analyte Performance Evaluation Program Results
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Kenneth G Inn, James J Filliben, James Dahlgran
Abstract: Radioanalytical performance testing programs provide radioassay laboratories, regulators and the public performance-based evidence that measurement capabilities are in control. Performance acceptance criteria that combine aspects of measurements dif ...

42. In Search of Higher Sensitivity ~Pu Isotopic Analysis~
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Hiromu Kurosaki, D Chang, Kenneth G Inn
Abstract: Thermal ionization mass spectrometry (TIMS) is an effective method for isotopic and ultra-sensitivity determination of plutonium. This project aims at improving the NIST TIMS sensitivity for the analysis of plutonium from environmental sample. The T ...

43. Investigation of Radioactivity in Selected Drinking Water Samples From Maryland
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Iisa Outola, Svetlana Nour, Hiromu Kurosaki, Kenneth G Inn, J J La Rosa, Larry Lee Lucas, Peter Volkovitsky, Kevin Koepenick
Abstract: In 2004, levels of radioactivity exceeding federal drinking water standards were found in two separate areas of Maryland through gross alpha and beta screening measurements. It was desired to know which radionuclides were responsible for the activity ...

44. Radioanalytical Emergency Response Exercise
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Kenneth G Inn, Iisa Outola, S Nour, Hiromu Kurosaki, L Albin, A Berne
Abstract: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST Radiochemistry Intercomparison Program) and the Environmental Measurements Laboratory (EML Performance Testing 0904) recently conducted two independent radiological emergency preparedness exerc ...

45. Searching for the Most Robust Reference Value From Intercomparison Exercise -Seaweed Radionuclide Standard Reference Material (SRM 4359)
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Iisa Outola, James J Filliben, Kenneth G Inn
Abstract: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) seaweed Standard Reference Material (SRM4359) was developed through an intercomparison of 24 experienced laboratories. Several statistical techniques were evaluated for establishing reference ...

46. Using Monte Carlo Methods to Estimate Efficiencies of Gamma-Ray Emitters With Complex Geometries
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Svetlana Nour, Matthew Mille, Kenneth G Inn
Abstract: In the event of a radioactive disaster, one of the biggest tasks is to estimate the radiation dosage received by people to determine the actions of emergency response teams. The first and the most rapid screening method of internally contaminated ...

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