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11. Radioanalytical Emergency Response Exercise,
Published: 1/1/2006
Authors: Kenneth G. Inn, Iisa Outola, Svetlana Nour, Hiromu Kurosaki, L Albin, A Berne

12. Dissolution of resistate minerals containing uranium and thorium: Environmental implications
Published: 1/1/2005
Authors: L K Selvig, Kenneth G. Inn, Iisa Outola, Hiromu Kurosaki, K A Lee

13. The Use of Autoradiography for Investigating the Distribution of Radioactivity in Lung Counter Calibration Sources
Published: 1/1/2004
Authors: G H Kramer, B M Hauck, L Marro, Kenneth G. Inn, Michael P Unterweger, P A Hodge

14. Competence of Alpha Spectrometry Analysis Algorithms used to Resolve the ^u241^Am and ^u243^Am Alpha Peak Overlap
Published: 1/1/2002
Authors: Z Lin, A Berne, B Cummings, J Filliben, Kenneth G. Inn

15. NIST Radiochemistry Intercomparison Program: a Summary of Four-year Performance Evaluation Study
Published: 1/1/2002
Authors: Z Wu, Kenneth G. Inn, Z Lin, C A McMahon, Lisa R Karam

16. Final Report of the e-SRM Committee on the Optimal Delivery of Services to Customers for Standard Reference Materials
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 6759
Published: 6/1/2001
Authors: John Carlton Travis, Sally Skidmore Bruce, D J Clarke, James R. Ehrstein, Michael S. Epstein, Daniel G Friend, T E. Gills, Kenneth G. Inn, Larry Lee Lucas, James Edward Potzick, M H Saunders, N M Trahey, G M Ugiansky, R Michael Verkouteren, D P Vigliotti, Robert L. Watters
Abstract: The e-SRM committee was formed at the request of Technology Services (TS) to recommend ways to employ appropriate technologies to optimize the consistency, efficiency, and effectiveness with which NIST provides technical support to customers for Stan ...

17. Basic Considerations for the Preparation of Performance Testing Materials as Related to Performance Evaluation Acceptance Criteria
Published: 1/1/2001
Authors: D E Mccurdy, J S Morton, Kenneth G. Inn

18. Intercomparison Study of Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry, Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry and Fission Track Analysis of {mu}Bq Quantities of ^u239^Pu in Synthetic Urine
Published: 1/1/2001
Authors: Kenneth G. Inn, D Mccurdy, L Kuruvilla, M N Barss, R Pietrzak, E Kaplan, W Inkret, W Efurd, D Rokop, D Lewis, K Gautier, T Bell

19. Standards, Intercomparisons and Performance Evaluations for Low-level and Environmental Radionuclide Mass Spectrometry and Atom Counting
Published: 1/1/2001
Authors: Kenneth G. Inn, D Mccurdy, T Bell, Loesch R Iii, J S Morton, P Povinec, K Burns, R Henry, N M Barss

20. The NIST Natural Matrix Radionuclide Standard Reference Material Program for Ocean Studies
Published: 1/1/2001
Authors: Kenneth G. Inn, Z Lin, Z Wu, C A McMahon

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