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21. An infrared imaging high-throughput combinatorial method for investigating new phase formation and hydrogen storage capacities of thin films
Published: 7/15/2009
Authors: Jason Hattrick-Simpers, Leonid A Bendersky, Edwin J Heilweil, H. Oguchi, Ichiro Takeuchi
Abstract: We have refined and expanded on the capabilities of rapid screening, which utilizes infrared (IR) emissivity imaging. A complete procedure for using infrared emissivity to characterize the hydrogen storage properties of thin-film samples is describ ...

22. Characterization of Metal-Oxide Nanofilm Morphologies and Composition by Terahertz Transmission Spectroscopy
Published: 3/30/2009
Authors: Edwin J Heilweil, James E Maslar, William Andrew Kimes, Nabil Bassim, Peter K. Schenck
Abstract: An all-optical terahertz absorption technique for non-destructive characterization of nanometer-scale metal-oxide thin films grown on silicon substrates is described. Example measurements of laser and atomic layer-deposited films of HfO2, TiO3, Al2O ...

23. Development of Ultrafast Photochromic Organometallics and Photoinduced Linkage Isomerization of Arene Chromium Carbonyl Derivatives
Published: 2/20/2009
Authors: Tung T. To, Edwin J Heilweil, Duke Charles, Ruddick Kristie, Webster Edwin Charles, Burkey Theodore
Abstract: We review recent studies of processes relevant to photoinduced linkage isomerization of organometallic systems with the goal of preparing organometallics with an efficient and ultrafast photochromic response. The organometallic system thus corr ...

24. Infrared emission imaging as a tool for characterization of hydrogen storage materials
Published: 12/6/2008
Authors: H. Oguchi, Edwin J Heilweil, Daniel Josell, Leonid A Bendersky
Abstract: Combinatorial thin films provide an opportunity for studying a variety of properties over a wide range of compositions and microstructures on a single substrate, allowing substantial acceleration of both the fabrication and study of materials and th ...

25. Terahertz spectroscopy of aqueous L-Proline in reverse micelles
Published: 11/21/2008
Authors: Catherine C Cooksey, Edwin J Heilweil, Benjamin Greer
Abstract: A new method for obtaining room temperature terahertz (THz) absorption spectra of aqueous-phase biomolecules in the frequency range 1 THz to 21 THz (35 cm-1 to 700 cm-1) is reported. The spectrum for L-Proline was acquired by solvating the amino ac ...

26. Terahertz Spectroscopy of Biomolecules
Published: 12/22/2007
Authors: David F Plusquellic, Edwin J Heilweil
Abstract: Far-infrared (Terahertz or THz) spectroscopic investigations of condensed-phase biological and model organic species including substituted benzenes, amino acids, sugars, polypeptides, small proteins and DNA/RNA are reviewed. These studies reveal tha ...

27. Ultrafast Dynamics of Model Molecular Photoswitches in Solid Phase
Published: 12/18/2007
Authors: Tung T. To, Edwin J Heilweil
Abstract: Ultraviolet pump, infrared probe transient absorption studies of the chelatable compound 1, [Mn{?5-C5H4C(O)(SCH3)3}(CO)3], dispersed in room temperature, ~25 m thick polyacryclonitrile (PAN) films are reported for the first time. Irradiation of 1 ...

28. Ultrafast Chelation Dynamics of a Manganese Tricarbonyl Derivative in Solid Polyacrylonitrile
Published: 7/31/2007
Authors: Tung T To, Edwin J Heilweil
Abstract: Ultraviolet pump, infrared probe transient absorption studies of the chelatable compound 1, [Mn{?5-C5H4C(O)(SCH3)3}(CO)3], dispersed in room temperature, ~25 m thick CaF2 supported, spin-coated polyacryclonitrile (PAN) films are reported for the fir ...

29. Ultrafast Chelation Dynamics of Model Photoswitches: Arene Chromium Tricarbonyl Derivatives With Pendant Sulfides
Published: 5/25/2007
Authors: Tung T. To, Charles Duke, T J Burkey, Edwin J Heilweil
Abstract: The chelation dynamics of three new [Cr{?6-C6H5C(O)R}(CO)3] complexes 1 (R = CH2(SCH3)), 2 (R = CH(SCH3)2), and 3 (R = C(SCH3)3) in room temperature heptane, THF, and acetonitrile solutions have been investigated on the picosecond to millisecond time ...

30. Terahertz Spectroscopy of Dicyanobenzenes: Anomalous Absorption Intensities and Spectral Calculations
Published: 5/24/2007
Authors: Okan Esenturk, Ari Evans, Edwin J Heilweil
Abstract: Terahertz (THz) absorption spectra of the three isomeric structures of dicyanobenzene obtained from chloroform solutions and the solid phase at 298 K are reported. These spectra exhibit enhanced absorption cross-sections over those measured for most ...

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