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11. Coordination and Acceleration of Standards for Smart Grid - Distributed Generation
Published: 12/6/2010
Author: Allen R Hefner Jr

12. Status of Interagency Advanced Power Group (IAPG), Electrical Systems Working Group (ESWG)
Published: 12/1/2010
Author: Allen R Hefner Jr

13. Power Electronics and Standards for Smart Grid Integration of Generators, Storage, and Plug-in Electric Vehicles
Published: 11/23/2010
Author: Allen R Hefner Jr

14. Smart Grid Standards, Codes and Interoperability Framework
Published: 10/27/2010
Author: Allen R Hefner Jr

15. Smart Grid Integration of Renewables, Storage, and Plug-in Vehicles
Published: 10/6/2010
Author: Allen R Hefner Jr

16. Modeling the Inter-Electrode Capacitances of Si CoolMOSTM Transistors for Circuit Simulation in High Efficiency Power Systems
Published: 9/12/2010
Authors: Nanying Yang, Jose Miguel Ortiz, Tam Hoang Duong, Allen R Hefner Jr, Kathleen Meehan
Abstract: The CoolMOSTM transistor is a novel power MOSFET type device that utilizes a super-junction embedded within its drift region in order to improve the trade-off between on-resistance and breakdown voltage. The super-junction results in unique inter-e ...

17. Smart Grid Standards and Power Electronics Technologies to Enable High Penetration of Renewable Energy
Published: 8/31/2010
Author: Allen R Hefner Jr

18. Computer-Controlled Thermal Cycling Tool to Aid in SiC Module Package Characterization
Published: 6/30/2010
Authors: Madelaine Herminia Hernandez, Jose Miguel Ortiz, Brian Joseph Grummel, Allen R Hefner Jr, David W. Berning, Colleen E. Hood, Patrick McCluskey
Abstract: A software-controlled thermal cycling test system developed for SiC module package characterization is presented. Its interface permits the flexible definition of testing parameters like variable data acquisition rates and customizable cycle transiti ...

19. Automated Parameter Extraction Software for Silicon and High-Voltage Silicon Carbide Power Diodes
Published: 6/24/2010
Authors: Nanying Yang, Tam Hoang Duong, Jeong-O Jeong, Jose Miguel Ortiz, Allen R Hefner Jr, Kathleen Meehan
Abstract: This paper presents an automated parameter extraction software tool developed for constructing Silicon (Si) and Silicon Carbide (SiC) power diode models, which is called DIode Model Parameter extrACtion Tools (DIMPACT). This software tool extracts th ...

20. The U.S.--Poland Energy Roundtable Smart Grid Applications
Published: 6/23/2010
Author: Allen R Hefner Jr

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