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111. Accurate Modeling and Analysis of PWM Inverters for Electromagnetic Compatibility Performance Evaluation
Published: 12/31/1998
Authors: Huibin Zhu, Yi-hua Tang, Jih-Sheng Lai, Allen R Hefner Jr
Abstract: For the purpose of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance investigation and prediction, accurate modeling and analysis are performed on IGBT PWM inverters. In this paper, parasitic components and their measurement methods are addressed. Mo ...

112. Characterization of Power Electronics System Interconnect Parasitics Using Time Domain Reflectometry
Published: 12/31/1998
Authors: Huibin Zhu, Allen R Hefner Jr, Jih-Sheng Lai
Abstract: The significance of interconnect parasitics of power electronics system is their affects on converters' EMI-related performances, such as voltage/current spikes, dv/dt, di/dt, conducted/radiated EMI noise, and the like.  In this paper, a tim ...

113. Failure Dynamics of the IGBT During Turn-Off for Unclamped Inductive Loading Conditions
Published: 12/31/1998
Authors: Chien-Chung Shen, Allen R Hefner Jr, David W. Berning, J B Bernstein
Abstract: The internal failure dynamics of the Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IBGT) for unclamped inductive switching (UIS) conditions are studied using simulations and measurements.  The UIS measurements are made using a unique, automated nondestruct ...

114. IGBT Model Validation
Published: 12/1/1998
Authors: David W. Berning, Allen R Hefner Jr

115. Electrothermal Simulation of an IGBT PWM Inverter
Published: 5/1/1997
Authors: Alan Mantooth, Allen R Hefner Jr
Abstract: A recently developed electrothermal network simulation methodoogy is used to analyze the behavior of a full-bridge, pulse-width modulated (PWM), voltage-source inverter, which uses insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT's) as the switching devi ...

116. IGBT Half-Bridge Shoot-Through Characterization for Model Validation
Published: 12/31/1996
Authors: David W. Berning, Allen R Hefner Jr
Abstract: A circuit is described for making a variety of measurements on half-bridge Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) pairs for validating IGBT models. The circuit incorporates two robust isolated gate drives for the IGBTs. Each IGBT is driven with an ...

117. Modeling Buffer Layer IGBTs for Circuit Simulation
Published: 3/1/1995
Author: Allen R Hefner Jr

118. Thermal Component Models for Electrothermal Network Simulation
Published: 12/31/1994
Authors: Allen R Hefner Jr, David L. Blackburn

119. Vertical Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor Lumped Model and Saber Simulator Implementation
Published: 5/1/1994
Author: Allen R Hefner Jr

120. Electro-Thermal Simulation of an IGBT PWM Inverter
Published: 12/31/1993
Authors: Alan Mantooth, Allen R Hefner Jr

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