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1. A Bayesian Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation (QNDE) Approach to Estimating Remaining Life of Aging Pressure Vessels and Piping
Published: 1/1/2013
Authors: Jeffrey T Fong, William F Guthrie, James J Filliben, Nathanael A Heckert
Abstract: In this paper, we use a Bayesian quantitative nondestructive evaluation (QNDE) approach to estimating the remaining life of aging structures and components. Our approach depends on in-situ NDE measurements of detectable crack lengths and crack g ...

2. A Case Study of Performance Degradation Attributable to Run-Time Bounds Checks on C++ Vector Access
Series: Journal of Research (NIST JRES)
Report Number: 118.012
Published: 5/22/2013
Authors: David W Flater, William F Guthrie
Abstract: Programmers routinely omit run-time safety checks from applications because they assume that these safety checks would degrade performance. The simplest example is the use of arrays or array-like data structures that do not enforce the constrain ...

3. A Gravimetric Approach to the Standard Addition Method in Instrumental Analysis 1
Published: Date unknown
Authors: William R. Kelly, Bruce S MacDonald, William F Guthrie
Abstract: A general mathematical formulation for the method of standard additions is presented that has universal applicability. It is based on gravimetry rather than volumetry which reduces the preparation time, gives greater flexibility to design because on ...

4. A Survey of Key Comparisons
Published: 1/1/2005
Authors: Adriana Hornikova, William F Guthrie
Abstract: Key Comparisons are international inter-laboratory studies used to establish the degree of equivalence between national measurement standards. These studies, carried out by National Metrology Institutes, are time-consuming, but necessary to facilita ...

5. A Survey of Key Comparisons A Survey of Design, Analysis, and Reporting of Results in Key Comparisons
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Adriana Hornikova, William F Guthrie
Abstract: Key comparisons are international inter-laboratory studies used to establish the degree of equivalence between national measurement standards. These studies, carried out by National Metrology Institutes (NMIs), are time-consuming, but necessary to fa ...

6. Alternate Substrates for Measuring Cigarette Ignition Propensity Using ASTM E 2187
Published: 8/11/2016
Authors: Richard George Gann, Edward J Hnetkovsky, William F Guthrie
Abstract: ASTM E 2187 has become the internationally referenced standard for designing and specifying less fire-prone cigarettes. In this Standard, a lit cigarette is placed on a substrate consisting of a number of layers of filter paper. The metric is wheth ...

7. An Approach to Combining Results from Multiple Methods Motivated by the ISO GUM
Series: Journal of Research (NIST JRES)
Published: 8/1/2000
Authors: M Levenson, D L. Banks, K Eberhardt, L M. Gill, William F Guthrie, Hung-Kung Liu, M Vangel, James H Yen, Nien F Zhang
Abstract: The problem of determining a consensus value and its uncertainty from the results of multiple methods or laboratories is discussed. Desirable criteria of a solution are presented. A solution based on the ISO Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty i ...

8. An alternative method for the certification of the sulfur mass fraction in coal Standard Reference Materials
Published: 6/1/2001
Authors: Michael R Winchester, William R. Kelly, Jacqueline L Mann, William F Guthrie, Bruce S MacDonald, Gregory C. Dr. (Gregory C.) Turk

9. Bilateral NMI Comparison of Guarded-Hot-Plate Apparatus
Published: 4/27/2014
Authors: Alain Koenen, Robert R Zarr, William F Guthrie
Abstract: Two national metrology laboratories (NMI) have conducted an international interlaboratory comparison on thermal conductivity on two thermal insulation reference materials. The Laboratoire national de métrologie et d‰Essais (LNE) from France and the ...

10. CD Reference Materials for Sub-Tenth Micrometer Applications
Published: 6/1/2002
Authors: Michael W. Cresswell, E. Hal Bogardus, Joaquin (Jack) Martinez, Marylyn H. Bennett, Richard A Allen, William F Guthrie, Christine E. Murabito, B A. am Ende, Loren W. Linholm
Abstract: Prototype linewidth reference materials with Critical Dimensions (CDs) as narrow as 70 nm have been patterned in (110) silicon-on-insulator films. The sidewalls of the reference features are parallel, normal to the substrate surface, and have almost ...

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