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81. Depth Profiling Using C^d60^+ SIMS Deposition and Topography Development During Bombardment of Silicon
Published: Date unknown
Authors: John G Gillen, J Batteas, Chris A Michaels, P Chi, John A Small, Eric S Windsor, Albert J. Fahey, Jennifer R Verkouteren, W Kim
Abstract: A C60+ primary ion source has been coupled to an ion microscope SIMS instrument to examine sputtering of silicon with an emphasis on possible application of C60+ depth profiling for high depth resolution SIMS analysis of silicon semiconductor materi ...

82. Impact Energy Dependence of SF^d5^^u+^ Ion Beam Damage of Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) Studied by Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
Published: Date unknown
Authors: M S. Wagner, John G Gillen
Abstract: Recent advances in instrumentation for Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) have focused on the application of polyatomic primary ions for enhancing molecular secondary ion signals of organic materials. A few studies have also noted that some polym ...

83. Metrology in Support of Trace Explosive Detection Equipment for Airport Security Applications.
Published: Date unknown
Authors: George A Klouda, John G Gillen, Robert A Fletcher, E S. Etz, Jennifer R Verkouteren, R Michael Verkouteren, E Ferguson
Abstract: We are working in collaboration with the Transportation Security Agency's Trace Explosive Detection Group to build a chemical metrology program to help support the widespread operational deployment and effective utilization of trace explosives detect ...

84. Raman Microspectroscopy of Some High Explosives, Revisited
Published: Date unknown
Authors: E S. Etz, S V. Roberson, John G Gillen
Abstract: Current NIST research is discussed on the characterization by micro-Raman spectroscopy of several high explosives (HES). The RamanSpectra are evaluated relative to the thermal decomposition of the HES to explain the reactions that produce secondary ...

85. Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Isotope Ration Data of Uranium Oxide Particles and Detection of Groupings
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Albert J. Fahey, John G Gillen
Abstract: Secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) has been used in an automated way to survey a large number of particles to find isotopically rare materials and characterize isotopically distinct populations[1]. One application of this method is the detection ...

86. The Use of an SF5+ Primary Ion Beam for Ultra Shallow Depth Profiling on an Ion Microscope SIMS Instrument
Published: Date unknown
Authors: John G Gillen, Marlon L Walker, P E Thompson, J Bennett
Abstract: A magnetic sector SIMS instrument has been fitted with a modified hot filament duoplasmatron ion source for generation of SF^d5^^u+^ primary ion beams for SIMS depth profiling applications. The SF^d5^^u+^ primary ion beam has been evaluated by depth ...

87. Trace Explosive Detection Standards Using Drop-on-Demand Inkjet Printing Technology
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Eric S Windsor, Bruce A Benner Jr, Robert A Fletcher, John G Gillen, R Lareau, Inho Cho, Mike Boldmand
Abstract: A piezoelectric drop-on-demand inkjet printer system has been used to prepare prototype trace explosive calibration materials to aid in the performance evaluation of ion mobility spectrometry instruments that are now widely deployed in support of hom ...

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