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21. Effects of high intensity neutron flux on in-situ spin-exchange optical pumping of He-3
Published: 9/17/2009
Authors: Thomas R Gentile, E Babcock, Stephen Boag, C. Becham, T E. Chupp, G L. Jones, A K. Petukhov, T G Walker
Abstract: Prior studies revealed neutron beam-induced alkali-metal spin relaxation in 3He cells polarized in-situ by spin-exchange optical pumping. These effects are minor for neutron beams of low to moderate intensity, but become important at the highest ne ...

22. Coupled magnetic and ferroelectric hysteresis in multiferroic Ni ^ d3 ^ V ^ d2 ^ O ^ d8 ^
Published: 8/18/2009
Authors: I. Cabrera, M. Kenzelmann, Wangchun Chen, Ross W Erwin, Thomas R Gentile, Juscelino Leao, Jeffrey W Lynn, N. Rogado, R. J. Cava, C. Broholm, G. Lawes, Ying Chen
Abstract: Electric control of spin chirality in a magnetically frustrated multiferroic is demonstrated through polarized magnetic neutron diffraction. Cooling to the cycloidal multiferroic phase of Ni ^ d3 ^ V ^ d2 ^ O ^ d8 ^ in an electric field causes the in ...

23. Precision Measurement of the Neutron-3He Spin-Dependent Scattering Length Using Neutron Interferometry
Published: 5/22/2009
Authors: M Huber, F.E. Weitfeld, Thomas R Gentile, Wangchun Chen, Muhammad Arif, Dmitry Pushin, L Yang, T. Black
Abstract: There is strong theoretical interest in the study of few-body nucleon systems. Experimental measurements of neutron scattering lengths are able to perform precise tests of nucleon-nucleon models. Neutron interferometry provides some of the most preci ...

24. Radiative Beta Decay of the Free Neutron
Published: 2/2/2009
Authors: R L Cooper, T E. Chupp, Maynard S Dewey, Thomas R Gentile, Hans P Mumm, Jeffrey S Nico, Alan K Thompson, B M Fisher, I Kremsky, F E. Wietfeldt, E J Beise, H Breuer, K G Kiriluk, J Bryne, Kevin J Coakley, Changbo Fu
Abstract: The theory of quantum electrodynamics predicts that the beta decay of the neutron into a proton, electron, and antineutrino is accompanied by a continuous spectrum of emitted photons described as inner bremsstrahlung. While this phenomenon has been ...

25. Spin-exchange Optical Pumping of 3He with Rb/K Mixtures and Pure K
Published: 12/31/2007
Authors: Wangchun Chen, Thomas R Gentile, S E Babcock, T G Walker
Abstract: We have studied the efficiency of spin-exchange optical pumping (SEOP) in cells that contain either pure rubidium, mixtures of rubidium and potassium, or pure potassium. Optical pumping was performed with spectrally narrowed diode array lasers opera ...

26. Test of a Continuously Polarized 3He Neutron Spin Filter with NMR Based Polarization Inversion on a Single Crystal Diffractometer
Published: 11/15/2007
Authors: G L Jones, F Dias, B Collett, W C Chen, Thomas R Gentile, P M Piccoli, M E Miller, A J Schultz, H Yan, X Tong, W M. Snow, W T Lee, C Hoffmann, J Thomison

27. News from NIST Center for Neutron Research: Polarized 3He Neutron Spin Filters for NCNR Instruments
Published: 7/1/2007
Authors: W C Chen, J A Borchers, R Erwin, Thomas R Gentile, J W Lynn

28. Particle and Photon Detection for a Neutron Radiative Decay Experiment
Published: 4/11/2007
Authors: Thomas R Gentile, Maynard S Dewey, Hans P Mumm, Jeffrey S Nico, Alan K Thompson, T E. Chupp, R Cooper, B M Fisher, I Kremsky, F E. Wietfeldt, K G Kiriluk, E Beise
Abstract: We present the particle and photon detection methods employed in a program to observe neutron radiative beta-decay. The experiment is located at the NG-6 beam line at the National Institute of Standards and Technology Center for Neutron Research. E ...

29. 3He Neutron Spin Filters for a Thermal Neutron Triple Axis Spectrometer
Published: 1/1/2007
Authors: W C Chen, G Armstrong, Y Chen, B Collett, R Erwin, Thomas R Gentile, G L Jones, J W Lynn, S Steinberg, J E Mckenney

30. A Large Area Polarized 3He Neutron Spin Filter
Published: 1/1/2007
Authors: T E Chupp, K A Coulterpark, M Kandes, M Sharma, T B Smith, G Jones, W C Chen, Thomas R Gentile, D R Rich, B Lauss, M T Gericke, R C Gillis, S A Page, J D Bowman, S I Penttila, W S Wilburn, M Dabaghyan, F W Hersman, M Mason

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