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1. A Modified Sliding Wire Potentiometer Test Structure for Mapping Nanometer-Level Distances
Published: 12/31/1991
Authors: Michael W Cresswell, Michael Gaitan, Richard A Allen, Loren W. Linholm

2. A Numerical Analysis for the Small-Signal Response of the MOS Capacitor
Published: 12/31/1989
Authors: Michael Gaitan, I. D. Mayergoyz

3. Accuracy of the Charge Pumping Technique for Small Geometry MOSFETs,
Published: 12/1/1989
Authors: Michael Gaitan, E. Enlow, Thomas J. Russell

4. Ag/AgCl Microelectrodes with Improved Stability for Microfluidics
Published: 3/30/2006
Authors: Brian J. Polk, Anna Stelzenmuller, Geraldine I. Mijares, William Ambrose MacCrehan, Michael Gaitan
Abstract: A method for fabricating Ag/AgCl planar microelectrodes for microfluidic applications is presented. Microreference electrodes enable accurate measurements with miniaturized chemical sensors but such electrodes often exhibit very limited useable lifet ...

5. An Efficient Method to Compute the Maximum Transient Drain Current Overshoot in Silicon on Insulator
Published: 3/15/1993
Authors: C. E. Korman, I. D. Mayergoyz, Michael Gaitan

6. An Experimental Comparison of Measurement Techniques to Extract Si-SiO^d2^ Interface Trap Density
Published: 12/31/1992
Authors: S C Witczak, John S Suehle, Michael Gaitan

7. Analysis of Fixed-Fixed Beam Test Structures
Published: 12/31/1996
Authors: Janet M Cassard, David Thomas Read, Michael Gaitan

8. Application of CMOS-Compatible Micro-Hotplates for In-Situ Process Monitors
Published: 12/31/1992
Authors: John S Suehle, Michael Gaitan

9. Art in Science
Published: 2/22/2011
Authors: Michael Gaitan, Laurie E Locascio

10. CMOS Circuit Design for Controlling Temperature in Micromachined Devices
Published: 12/31/1995
Authors: C. A. Zincke, Michael Gaitan, Mona Elwakkad Zaghloul

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