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31. History of the Symposium on Thermophysical Properties
Published: 6/1/2001
Authors: William M. M. Haynes, Jan V. Sengers, R. T. Jacobsen, Daniel G Friend
Abstract: The Symposium on Thermophysical Properties represents a series of conferences that started in 1959 at Purdue University, which at the that time was the home of the Thermophysical Properties Research Center (TPRC), founded by Professor Yeram S. Toulou ...

32. Report on Forum 2000: Fluid Properties for New Technologies - Connecting Virtual Design with Physical Reality
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 975
Published: 5/14/2001
Authors: James C. Rainwater, Daniel G Friend, Howard J. Hanley, Allan H Harvey, C D. Holcomb, Arno R Laesecke, Joe W Magee, Chris D Muzny
Abstract: Forum 2000, which addressed the present needs and priorities for thermophysical properties measurements, was held June 29, 2000, at the 14th Symposium for Thermophysical Properties in Boulder, Colorado. Seven distinguished experts presented overview ...

33. Critical Compressibility Factors for Chain Molecules
Published: 9/1/2000
Authors: L L Lue, Daniel G Friend, J. R. Elliott
Abstract: For many equations of state for fluids composed of chain-like molecules, the compressibility factor is related to the chain number concentration only through the total monomer concentration. For these theories, we find that the critical compressibil ...

34. Thermodynamic Properties of Air and Mixtures of Nitrogen, Argon, and Oxygen From 60 to 2000 K at Pressures to 2000 Mpa
Published: 5/1/2000
Authors: Eric W Lemmon, R. T. Jacobsen, S G Penoncello, Daniel G Friend
Abstract: A thermodynamic property formulation for standard dry air based upon available experimental p-p-T, heat capacity, speed of sound, and vapor-liquid equilibrium data is presented. This formulation is valid for liquid, vapor, and supercritical air at t ...

35. Experimental Data for the Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity of Water and Steam
Published: 3/1/2000
Authors: Marc J. Assael, E Bekou, D Giakoumakis, Daniel G Friend, M A Killeen, J Millat, A Nagashima
Abstract: As part of a joint project between the International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam and the Subcommittee on Transport Properties of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry Commission 1.2 on Thermodynamics, all availab ...

36. Cubic Crossover Equation of State for Mixtures
Published: 12/1/1999
Authors: S B Kiselev, Daniel G Friend

37. Revision of a Multiparameter Equation of State to Improve the Representation in the Critical Region: Application to Water
Published: 12/1/1999
Authors: S B Kiselev, Daniel G Friend

38. Thermodynamic Properties of Air from 60 to 2000 K at Pressures up to 2000 MPa
Published: 12/1/1999
Authors: M D Panasiti, Eric W Lemmon, S G Penoncello, R T Jacobsen, Daniel G Friend

39. Thermodynamic Properties of Air from 60 to 2000 K at Pressures up to 2000 Mpa
Published: 10/1/1999
Authors: M D Panasiti, Eric W Lemmon, S G Penoncello, R. T. Jacobsen, Daniel G Friend
Abstract: A thermodynamic property formulation for standard dry air based upon experimental P-p-T, heat capactiy, and speed of sound data and predicted values, which extends the range of prior formulations to higher pressures and temperatures, is presented.

40. Thermophysical Property Computer Packages from NIST of Interest to the Natural Gas Industry
Published: 7/1/1999
Authors: Marcia L Huber, Daniel G Friend, Eric W Lemmon
Abstract: We discuss three computerized databases distributed by the Standard Reference Data (SRD) program of NIST, which are of interest to the natural gas industry.

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