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181. Multilevel Structure of Reinforcing Silica and Carbon
Published: 6/1/2000
Authors: D W Schaefer, T Rieker, M M Agamalian, J S Lin, Daniel A Fischer, S Sukumaran, C I Chen, G Beaucage, C Herd, J Ivie
Abstract: We study the structure of colloidal silica and carbon on length scales from 0.25 ...

182. The Orientation of Semifluorinated Alkanes Attached to Polymers at the Surface of Polymer Films
Published: 3/1/2000
Authors: Jan Genzer, E Sivaniah, E K Kramer, J G Wang, H Kerner, M Xiang, K Char, Christopher K. Ober, B M DeKoven, Robert A Bubeck, M K Chaudhury, S Sambasivan, Daniel A Fischer
Abstract: The surface molecular orientation of a liquid crystalline (LC) layer made up a semi-fluorinated (SF) single side-groups [-CO-(CH^d2^)^dx-1^-(CF^d2^)^dy^F] (single SF groups) attached to polyisoprene homopolymer or the isoprene block of a styrene-isop ...

183. Hole State Density of La^d1-x^Sr^dx^CoO^d3-{Delta} (0{less then or equal to}x{less then or equal to}0.5) Across the Insulator/Metal Phase Boundary
Published: 2/1/2000
Authors: A R Moodenbaugh, B Nielson, S Sambasivan, Daniel A Fischer, T Friessnegg, S Aggarwal, R Ramesh, B Pfeffer
Abstract: The oxygen K near edge x-ray absorption fine structure (NEXAFS) of polycrystalline and film La1-xSrxCoO3-d at room temperature was studied using fluorescence yield techniques. The bulk sensitive nature of fluorescence yield (relative to electron yie ...

184. Temperature Dependence of Molecular Orientation on the Surfaces of Semi-Fluorinated Polymer Thin Films
Published: 2/1/2000
Authors: Jan Genzer, E Sivaniah, E K Kramer, J G Wang, H Koerner, K Char, Christopher K. Ober, B M DeKoven, Robert A Bubeck, Daniel A Fischer, S Sambasivan
Abstract: Near-edge X-ray absorption fine structure is used to investigate the temperature dependence of molecular orientation of semi-fluorinated liquid crystalline (SF-LC) mesogens, which are attached to the modified isoprene backbone of i) a polyisoprene ho ...

185. Orientation of Surface Bound Proteins Studied by Near Edge X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure
Published: 1/25/2000
Authors: L Gamble, J R Long, P S Stayton, Daniel A Fischer, S Sambasivan, David G. Castner
Abstract: The orientation of surface bound proteins may play an important role in the function and properties of materials to which they are adsorbed. Near edge absorption fine structure (NEXAFS) is a technique which allows the user to determine the presence ...

186. In Situ Characterization of Catalytic Propylene Oxidation on the Pt (111) Surface
Published: 1/17/2000
Authors: A M Gabelnick, A T Capitano, D J Burnett, Daniel A Fischer, J L Gland
Abstract: The catalytic oxidation of propylene with both propylene and oxygen in the gas phase has been characterized on the Pt(111) surface. In situ soft x-ray kinetic and spectroscopic measurements using fluorescence detection have been used to characterize ...

187. Effects of Annealing on UHMWPE Molecular Orientation
Published: 1/1/2000
Authors: S Sambasvian, Daniel A Fischer, M C Shen, John A Tesk, Stephen M. Hsu
Abstract: Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) is the dominant material used in artificial joints due to its outstanding wear resistance. At the same time, UHMWPE wear debris has been found to contribute to the loosening of the im-plants. As li ...

188. Propylene Oxidation Mechanisms and Intermediates Using In-Situ Soft X-Ray Fluorescence Methods on the Pt(111) Surface
Published: 1/1/2000
Authors: A M Gabelnick, A T Capitano, S M Kane, J L Gland, Daniel A Fischer
Abstract: The oxidation of propylene on the Pt(111) surface has been characterized in oxygen pressures up to 0.02 torr using fluorescence yield near -edge spectroscopy (FYNES) and temperature programmed fluorescence yield near-edge spectroscopy (TP-FYNES) abov ...

189. Reaction of NO^d2^ with Zn and ZnO: Photoemission, XANES and Density Functional Studies of the Formation of NO^d3^
Published: 1/1/2000
Authors: J A Rodriguez, T Jirsak, J Dvorak, S Sambasivan, Daniel A Fischer
Abstract: Synchrotron-based high-resolution photoemission and x-ray absorption near-edge spectroscopy (XANES) have been used to study the interaction of NO^d2^ with polycrystalline surfaces of metallic zinc and zinc oxide. NO^d2^ exhibits a complex chemistry ...

190. The Use of Cyclic Phosphazene Additives to Enhance the Performance of the Head/Disk Interface
Published: 1/29/1999
Authors: H J Kang, Q Zhao, F E Talke, D J Perettie, B M DeKoven, T A Morgan, Daniel A Fischer, Stephen M. Hsu, C S Bhatia
Abstract: Phase separation of phosphazene additives in perfluoropolyalkylether (PFPAE) lubricants is investigated as a function of additive concentration and lubricant layer thickness. The tribological behavior of various phosphazene additive/lubricant mixture ...

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