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41. Comparison of Reagents for Shape Analysis of Fixed Cells by Automated Fluorescence Microscopy
Published: 4/1/2003
Authors: John T Elliott, Alessandro Tona, Anne L Plant
Abstract: Background: Cell size and shape have been implicated as potentiators intracellular signaling events and as indicator of abnormal cell behavior. Automated microscopy and image analysis can provide quantitative information about the size and shape of ...

42. Thin Films of Collagen Affect Smooth Muscle Cell Morphology
Published: 3/4/2003
Authors: John T Elliott, Alessandro Tona, John Taylor Woodward IV, P L Jones, Anne L Plant
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to provide a reproducible method for applying collagen to surfaces on which cells can be grown, and to characterize the resulting thin films of collagen protein with respect to molecular structure and cellular response.C ...

43. Indicator Cells Assist the Development of Tissue Engineering Products
Published: 1/1/2003
Authors: Anne L Plant, John T Elliott, K J. Langenbach
Abstract: The field of tissue engineering holds great promise. The premise is that living cells can be coaxed to differentiate, organize, and regenerate normal physiological function in diseased and damaged tissues. This outcome will not be achieved, however ...

44. Detecting Spontaneously Inserting Transmembrane Peptides and Proteins in Tethered Phospholipid Bilayers
Published: 2/1/2001
Author: John T Elliott
Abstract: We have fabricated a tethered phospholipid bilayer sensor platform for detecting the function of spontaneously inserting transmembrane peptides and proteins. A mixed [beta]-mercaptoethanol/1-thia-hexa(ethyleneoxy)-octadecanoate monolayer was initial ...

45. An Electrochemical Biosensor Sensitive to Structure Changes in an Absorbed Phospholipid Layer: Development of a Phospholipase C Biosensor
Published: 2/1/2000
Author: John T Elliott
Abstract: We have fabricated an electrochemical biosensor for detecting structure changes in a phospholipid layer absorbed onto a mixed thioalkyl self-assembled monolayer (SAM). Mixed SAMs containing alkane terminated thiaethyleneoxide derivativesand b-mercapt ...

46. Evaluating the Correlation Between Fibroblast Morphology and Promoter Activity on Thin Films of Extracellular Matrix Proteins
Published: Date unknown
Authors: K J. Langenbach, John T Elliott, Alessandro Tona, Anne L Plant
Abstract: The response of cells to their environment is complex, not only because of the many chemical, mechanical, and other features of the environment that they respond to, but because cross-talk between intracellular signaling pathways adds to the complexi ...

47. Osteoblast Cell Membrane Hybrid Bilayers for Studying Cell-Cell Interactions
Published: Date unknown
Authors: John T Elliott, Alessandro Tona, John Taylor Woodward IV, Curtis W Meuse, H M Elgendy, Anne L Plant
Abstract: Osteopath-like cells were grown on a surface that presents cell membrane components to the cells in culture. The culture surface was a bilayer formed by the interaction of osteoblast plasma membrane vesicles with an alkanethiol monolayer. We examin ...

48. Phospholipid Bilayer Islands on Ethanol Painted, Mixed Alkylthiol Supported Membranes
Published: Date unknown
Authors: John Taylor Woodward IV, John T Elliott

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