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91. Performance of HC and HFC Refrigerants in a Finned-Tube Evaporator and Its Effect on System Efficiency.
Published: 9/1/2004
Authors: Piotr A Domanski, David A Yashar, Min S. Kim

92. Performance of HC and HFC Refrigerants in a Finned-Tube Evaporator and Its Effect on System Efficiency (in Polish)
Published: 8/29/2004
Authors: Piotr A Domanski, David A Yashar, Minsung Kim
Abstract: The paper presents a comparable evaluation of isobutane (R600a), propane (R290), R134a, R22, R410A, and R32 in an optimized finned-tube evaporator, and analyzes the impact of evaporator effects on the system coefficient of performance (COP). The stud ...

93. R-22 Replacement Status
Published: 8/1/2004
Authors: J M Calm, Piotr A Domanski
Abstract: The next step in the transition to environmentally safer refrigerants is phase out of R-22. It is the most widely used refrigerant, both in the United States and on a global basis. Its application range in residential, commercial, industrial, and t ...

94. MEMS Sensors for HVAC&R
Published: 5/1/2004
Authors: David A Yashar, Piotr A Domanski
Abstract: MicroElectronic Mechanical Systems (MEMS) have revolutionized the market for sensors by providing small, fast-responding measurement devices at very low cost. These measurement devices have been widely accepted in many areas of engineering and have ...

95. An Optimized Design of Finned-Tube Evaporators Using the Learnable Evolution Model
Published: 4/1/2004
Authors: Piotr A Domanski, David A Yashar, Kenneth Kaufman, RK SA Michalski
Abstract: Optimizing the refrigerant circuitry for a finned-tube evaporator is a daunting task for traditional exhaustive search techniques due to the extremely large number of circuitry possibilities. For this reason, more intelligent search techniques are n ...

96. CYCLE_D: NIST Vapor Compression Cycle Design Program Version 3.0 Users' Guide.
Published: 12/1/2003
Authors: Piotr A Domanski, David Didion, J Chi
Abstract: The CYCLE_D package simulates the vapor compression refrigeration cycles that use pure refrigerants or mixtures of refrigerants. The model can simulate a basic refrigeration cycle as well as a cycle with a liquidline/suction-line heat exchanger. CYCL ...

97. A Study of In-Tube Evaporation Heat Transfer of Carbon Dioxide
Published: 8/17/2003
Authors: N N Sawant, M Kim, William V Payne, Piotr A Domanski, Y W Hwang
Abstract: The evaporative heat transfer characteristics of carbon dioxide (CO^d2^) were measured in a fluid-heated, 8.0 mm ID smooth stainless steel tube. The test apparatus was a concentric tube heat exchanger heated by water in the annulus with CO^d2^ in th ...

98. Effects of Non-Uniform Refrigerant and Air Flow Distributions on Finned-Tube Evaporator Performance.
Published: 8/17/2003
Authors: J M Choi, William V Payne, Piotr A Domanski

99. Study of In-Tube Evaporation Heat Transfer of Carbon Dioxide.
Published: 8/17/2003
Authors: N N Sawant, Min S. Kim, William V Payne, Piotr A Domanski, Y W Hwang

100. Effects of Non-Uniform Air Flow on Finned-Tube Evaporator Performance
Published: 8/1/2003
Authors: John Choi, William V Payne, Piotr A Domanski
Abstract: An experimental investigation was implemented to determine the capacity degradation due to non-uniform refrigerant and air flow distributions, and to assess the potential to recover the lost capacity via controlling refrigerant distribution between i ...

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