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51. Chlorella Virus Pyrimidine Dimer Glycosylase Excises Ultraviolet Radiation- and Hydroxyl Radical-Induced Products 4,6-Diamino-5-Formamidopyrimidine and 2,6-Diamino-4-Hydroxy-5-Formamidopyrimidine from DNA
Published: 2/1/2002
Authors: Pawel Jaruga, R Jabil, Amanda K McCullough, H Rodriguez, M Miral Dizdar, R Stephen Lloyd
Abstract: A DNA glycosylase specific for UV radiation-induced pyrimidine dimers has been identified from chlorella virus Paramecium bursaria chlorella virus-1. This enzyme (Chlorella virus Pyrimidine dimer glycosylase [cv-pdgl) exhibits a 41% amino acid identi ...

52. Determination of Active Site Residues in Escherichia Coli Endonuclease VIII
Published: 1/25/2002
Authors: S. M. Burgess, Pawel Jaruga, M L Dodson, M Miral Dizdar, R Stephen Lloyd
Abstract: Endonuclease VIII from Escherichia coli is a DNA glycosylase/lyase that removes oxidatively damaged bases. EndoVIII is a functional homologue of endonuclease III, but a sequence homologue of formamidopyrimidine DNA glycosylase (Fpg). Using multiple ...

53. The Cockayne Syndrome Group B Gene Product is Involved in General Genome Base Excision Repair of 8-hydroxyguanine in DNA
Published: 12/7/2001
Authors: J Tuo, M Muftuoglu, C Chen, Pawel Jaruga, R R Selzer, R M Brosh, H Rodriguez, M Miral Dizdar, V. Bohr
Abstract: Cockayne Syndrome (CS) is a human genetic disorder with two complementation groups, CS-A and CS-B. The CSB gene product is involved in transcription-coupled repair of DNA damage but may participate in other pathways of DNA metabolism. The present s ...

54. Measurement of 8-Hydroxy-2'-Deoxyadenosine In DNA by Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry
Published: 8/1/2001
Authors: Pawel Jaruga, H Rodriguez, M Miral Dizdar
Abstract: 8-Hydroxyadenine (8-OH-Ade) is one of the major lesions, which is formed in DNA by hydroxyl radical attack on the C-8 position of adenine followed by oxidation. We describe the measurement of the nucleoside form of this compound, 8-hydroxy-2'-deoxyad ...

55. Oxidative DNA Damage; Mechanisms of Product Formation and Repair By Base-Excision Pathway
Published: 5/1/2000
Author: M Miral Dizdar
Abstract: Free radicals such as OH, e^daq^- and H atoms react with DNA by addition to bases or abstraction of H atoms from the sugar moiety. Oxygen adds to base or sugar radicals of DNA resulting in formation of peroxyl radicals. DNA radicals further react ...

56. Measurement of Oxidatively Induced Base Lesions in Liver Nuclear and Mitochodrial DNA from Wistar Rats of Different Ages
Published: 12/1/1999
Authors: R M Anson, S. Senturker, M Miral Dizdar, V A Bohr

57. The Effect of Experimental Conditions on the Levels of Oxidatively Modified Bases in DNA as Measured by Gas Chromatography- Mass Spectrometry. How Many Modified Bases Are Involved? Prepurification or Not?
Published: 12/1/1999
Authors: S. Senturker, M Miral Dizdar

58. Measurement of Oxidative DNA Damage Using the Technique of Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
Published: 6/1/1998
Author: M Miral Dizdar

59. Substrate Specificity of Schizosaccharomyces pombe Nth Protein for Products of Oxidative DNA Damage
Published: 1/13/1998
Authors: B. Karahalil, T. Roldan-Arjona, M Miral Dizdar

60. Mechanisms of Free Radical Damage to DNA
Published: 1/1/1998
Author: M Miral Dizdar
Abstract: 1.1 Reactions of Free Radicals with DNAFree radicals produce a number of lesions in DNA such as base lesions, sugar lesions, DNA-protein cross-links, single-strand breaks, double-strand breaks and abasic sites by a variety of mechanisms (Teoule and C ...

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