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11. A Quality Pre-Processor for Biological Cell Images
Published: 11/30/2009
Authors: Adele P Peskin, Karen Kafadar, Alden A Dima
Abstract: We have developed a method to rapidly test the quality of a biological image, to identify appropriate segmentation methods, if any, that will render high quality segmentations for the cells within that image. The key contribution is the development o ...

12. Modeling Clinical Tumors to Create Standardized Data for Tumor Volume Measurement
Published: 11/29/2009
Authors: Adele P Peskin, Alden A Dima
Abstract: Expanding on our previously developed method for inserting synthetic objects into clinical computerized tomographic (CT) data, we model a set of eight clinical tumors that span a range of geometries and locations within the lung. The goal is to creat ...

13. Synthetic Lung Tumor Data Sets for Comparison of Volumetric Algorithms
Published: 7/13/2009
Authors: Adele P Peskin, Alden A Dima, Javier Bernal, David E. Gilsinn, Karen Kafadar
Abstract: The change in pulmonary nodules over time is an important indicator of malignant tumors. It is therefore important to be able to measure change in the size of tumors from computed tomography (CT) data taken at different times and on potentially dif ...

14. A New Protocol for Semi-Automatic Generation of Reference Data for High Resolution Biological Images
Published: 11/30/2008
Authors: Adele P Peskin, Joe Chalfoun, Alden A Dima, James J Filliben
Abstract: We compare manually segmented masks of cell images that are independently hand-selected by several different people, with a new semi-automated method for estimating reference data for images of cells with very sharp clear edges. By quantifying the la ...

15. A Win32-based Technique for Finding and Hashing NTFS Alternate Data Streams
Published: 1/24/2007
Author: Alden A Dima
Abstract: As part of an effort to create new datasets for the computer forensic community, the National Software Reference Library created a simple Windows specific tool for internal use similar to md5deep, which is able to recursively walk an NTFS file syste ...

16. Using Intelligent Agents to Assess Pervasive Computing Technologies
Published: 1/1/2001
Authors: L P Ciarletta, Alden A Dima, V P Iordanov
Abstract: Pervasive Computing (a.k.a. Ubiquitous or Ambient Computing) is a new field of computer science generally considered to lie at the intersection of desktop computing, networking, and embedded systems. Related to pervasive computing are Intelligent Env ...

17. The Case for Simulation-Based Evaluation of Ubiquitous Computing Environments
Published: 1/25/2000
Authors: Alden A Dima, L P Clarletta
Abstract: Ubiquitous computing (a.k.a. pervasive computing) is ill-defined due to its novelty and the community's current emphasis on its technological aspects. This can lead to serious \existential issues during the evaluation of ubiquitous computing technolo ...

18. A Conceptual Model for Pervasive Computing
Published: 1/1/2000
Authors: L P Ciarletta, Alden A Dima
Abstract: As an emerging field, pervasive computing has not had the opportunity to develop a conceptual model similar to the OSI Reference Model used to describe computer networks. Such a model would be useful to properly classify issues raised during discussi ...

19. Flits: Pervasive Computing for Processor and Memory Constrained Systems
Published: 1/1/2000
Authors: William J Majurski, Alden A Dima, Mary T Laamanen
Abstract: Many pervasive computing software technologies are targeted for 32-bit desktop platforms. However, there are innumerable 8, 16, and 32-bit microcontroller and microprocessor-based embedded systems that do not support the resource requirements of thes ...

20. Using XML in a Software Diagnostic Tool
Published: 12/6/1999
Author: Alden A Dima
Abstract: Many development tools such as execution tracing tools generate a large amount of text output. The large quantity of text make it hard for the user to sort through and make sense of the output. In addition, the output is often formatted in a manner t ...

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