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21. Lateral SiOx Tunnel Barrier Formation for Si-based Tunnel Transistor Using Scanned Probe Oxidation
Published: 11/1/2000
Authors: K Morimoto, L Morita, K Ohnaka, John A Dagata
Abstract: Tunneling transistors designed with a lateral tunnel barrier between source and drain electrodes have attracted much attention recently as an approach to silicon-compatible nanoelectronics. In order to realize this device, the lateral tunneling barri ...

22. Room-temperature Single-electron Memory Made by Pulse-mode Atomic Force Microscopy Nano-oxidation Process on Atomically Flat Alpha-alumina Substrate
Published: 1/10/2000
Authors: K Matsumoto, Y Gotoh, T Maeda, John A Dagata, J S Harris
Abstract: A single-electron memory was fabricated using the improved pulse-mode atomic force microscopy nano oxidation process which oxidized the surface of the thin titanium (Ti) metal on the atomically flat -alumina (-Al2O3) substrate and formed the narrow o ...

23. Density Variations in Scanned Probe Oxidation
Published: 1/1/2000
Authors: K Morimoto, F Perez-murano, John A Dagata
Abstract: The density of oxide nanostructures produced by scanned probe microscopy (SPM) is a function of substrate doping and voltage-pulse parameters. The total oxide thickness and molar-volume ratio of SPM oxide, obtained from high-resolution cross-sectiona ...

24. Predictive Model for Scanned Probe Oxidation Kinetics
Published: 1/1/2000
Authors: John A Dagata, F Perez-murano, G Abadal, K Morimoto, T Inoue, J Itoh, H Yokoyama
Abstract: Previous descriptions of scanned probe oxidation kinetics involved implicit assumptions that one-dimensional, steady-state models apply for arbitrary values of applied voltage and pulse duration. These assumptions have led to inconsistent interpretat ...

25. Voltage Modulation Scanned Probe Oxidation
Published: 7/1/1999
Authors: F Perez-murano, K Birkelund, K Morimoto, John A Dagata
Abstract: Scanned probe microscope (SPM) oxidation with voltage modulation leads to a significant enhancement of the oxide growth rate, improvement of the aspect ratio of oxide features, and control of the structural and electrical properties of the SPM oxide. ...

26. Nanometre-scale Oxidation of Silicon Surfaces by Dynamic Force Microscopy: Reproducibility, Kinetics and Nanofabrication
Published: 3/1/1999
Authors: M Calleja, J Anguita, R Garcia, K Birkelund, F Perez-murano, John A Dagata
Abstract: Local oxidation of silicon surfaces by scanning probe microscopy is a very promising lithographic approach at nanometre scale. Here, we present two approaches to optimize the oxidation for nanofabrication purposes: (i) we analyse the reproducibility ...

27. Patterning on Passivated Semiconductor Surfaces
Published: 8/7/1998
Authors: John A Dagata, E Snow
Abstract: Abstract unavailable.

28. Influence of Data Analysis and Other Factors on the Short-term Stability of Vertical Scanning-Probe Microscope Calibration Measurements
Published: 3/1/1998
Authors: H Edwards, J Jorgensen, John A Dagata, Y Strausser, J Schneir
Abstract: We report a study of a fundamental limit to the accuracy of vertical measurements made using scanning-probe microscopes (SPM): the short-term stability of a vertical calibration using a waffle-pattern artifact. To test the instrumental component of t ...

29. Metal-based Room-temperature Operating Single Electron Devices Using Scanning Probe Oxidation
Published: 1/30/1998
Authors: K Matsumoto, Y Gotoh, T Maeda, John A Dagata, J S Harris
Abstract: Coulomb oscillation was clearly observed at room temperature in the single electron transistor fabricated by atomic force microscopy (AFM) nano-oxidation process. In order to obtain a clear Coulomb oscillation at room temperature, new and improved fa ...

30. Characterization of Surface Topography
Published: 1/1/1998
Authors: Theodore Vincent Vorburger, John A Dagata, G. Wilkening, K Iizuka
Abstract: Abstract not available.

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