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1. Mapping Viscoelastic and Plastic Properties of Polymers and Polymer-Nanotube Composites using Instrumented Indentation
Published: 8/15/2016
Authors: Robert Francis Cook, Andrew John Broaddus Gayle
Abstract: An instrumented indentation method is developed for generating maps of time-dependent viscoelastic and time-independent plastic properties of polymeric materials. The method is based on a pyramidal indentation model consisting of two quadratic viscoe ...

2. Determination of Residual Stress Distributions in Polycrystalline Alumina using Fluorescence Microscopy
Published: 6/30/2016
Authors: Chris A Michaels, Robert Francis Cook
Abstract: Maps of residual stress distributions arising from anisotropic thermal expansion effects in a polycrystalline alumina are generated using fluorescence microscopy. The shifts of both the R1 and R2 ruby fluorescence lines of Cr in alumina are used ...

3. Fracture strength of native and oxidized silicon nanowires
Published: 6/21/2016
Authors: Frank W DelRio, Ryan Michael White, Sergiy Krylyuk, Albert Davydov, Lawrence H Friedman, Robert Francis Cook
Abstract: Silicon nanowires (SiNWs) have recently attracted significant attention in a number of different application areas in large part due to their unique mechanical, electrical, optical, piezoelectrical, and thermoelectrical properties. For example, the ...

4. In situ observations of Berkovich indentation induced phase transitions in crystalline silicon films
Published: 4/19/2016
Authors: Yvonne Beatrice Gerbig, Chris A Michaels, Robert Francis Cook
Abstract: The pressure induced phase transitions of crystalline Si films was studied in situ under a Berkovich probe using the Raman spectroscopy-enhanced instrumented indentation technique. The observations suggested strain and time as important parameters in ...

5. Stochastic behavior of nanoscale dielectric wall buckling
Published: 3/16/2016
Authors: Lawrence H Friedman, Igor Levin, Robert Francis Cook
Abstract: The random buckling patterns of nanoscale dielectric walls are analyzed using a nonlinear multi-scale stochastic method that combines experimental measurements with simulations. The dielectric walls, approximately 200 nm tall and 20 nm wi ...

6. Assessing Electron Backscattered Diffraction and Confocal Raman Microscopy Strain Mapping Using Wedge-indented Si
Published: 2/17/2016
Authors: Lawrence H Friedman, Mark D Vaudin, Stephan J Stranick, Gheorghe Stan, Yvonne Beatrice Gerbig, William A Osborn, Robert Francis Cook
Abstract: The accuracy of electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD) and confocal Raman microscopy (CRM) for small-scale strain mapping are assessed using the multi-axial strain field surrounding a wedge indentation in Si as a test vehicle. The strain field is ...

7. Quantitative Mapping of Stress Heterogeneity in Polycrystalline Alumina using Hyperspectral Fluorescence Microscopy
Published: 1/15/2016
Authors: Grant A. Myers, Chris A Michaels, Robert Francis Cook
Abstract: The microstructurally-induced heterogeneous stress fields arising in a series of Cr-doped polycrystalline alumina materials are mapped with sub-micrometer sub-grain size resolution using fluorescence microscopy. Analysis of the hyperspectral data set ...

8. In situ spectroscopic study of the plastic deformation of amorphous silicon under non-hydrostatic conditions
Published: 12/17/2015
Authors: Yvonne Beatrice Gerbig, Chris A Michaels, Robert Francis Cook, Jodie E. Bradby
Abstract: Indentation-induced plastic deformation of amorphous silicon (a-Si) thin films was studied by in situ Raman imaging of the deformed contact region of an indented sample, employing a Raman spectroscopy-enhanced instrumented indentation technique (IIT) ...

9. Multi-Scale Effects in the Strength of Ceramics
Published: 10/15/2015
Author: Robert Francis Cook
Abstract: Multiple length-scale effects are demonstrated in indentation-strength measurements of a range of ceramic materials under inert and reactive conditions. Meso-scale effects associated with flaw disruption by lateral cracking at large indentation loads ...

Published: 9/15/2015
Authors: Robert Francis Cook, David B. Marshall, Nitin P. Padture, Michelle L. Oyen, Antonia Pajares, Jodie E. Bradby, Ivar E. Reimanis, Rajan Tandon, Trevor F. Page, George M. Pharr, Brian Ronald Lawn
Abstract: The utility of indentation testing for characterizing a wide range of mechanical properties of brittle materials is highlighted in light of recent articles questioning its validity, specifically in relation to the measurement of toughness. Contrary ...

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