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41. Surface Effects on the Elastic Modulus of Te Nanowires
Published: 6/17/2008
Authors: Gheorghe Stan, Sergiy Krylyuk, Albert Davydov, Mark D Vaudin, Leonid A Bendersky, Robert Francis Cook
Abstract: Nondestructive elastic property measurements have been performed on Te nanowires with diameters in the range 20 150 nm. By using contact resonance atomic force microscopy, the elastic indentation modulus perpendicular to the prismatic facets of the n ...

42. Lateral force cantilever for precise atomic force microscope friction measurements
Published: 6/2/2008
Authors: Mark Reitsma, Richard Swift Gates, Robert Francis Cook
Abstract: We present a microfabricated atomic force microscope (AFM) cantilever and associated calibration procedure that provide a path for quantitative friction measurement using a lateral force microscope. The lateral force cantilever presented is equipped ...

43. Mechanical and electrical coupling at metal-insulator-metal nano-scale contacts
Published: 5/22/2008
Authors: Doo-In Kim, Pradeep Narayanan Namboodiri, Frank W DelRio, Robert Francis Cook
Abstract: Mechanical and electrical coupling at nano-scale metallic contacts was investigated using a conducting-probe atomic force microscope (AFM). The current-voltage responses were non-Ohmic, symmetric about zero bias, with conductance values smaller than ...

44. Origin of Adhesion in Humid Air
Published: 4/18/2008
Authors: Doo-In Kim, Jaroslaw Grobelny, Pradeep Narayanan Namboodiri, Robert Francis Cook
Abstract: The origin of adhesion at nanoscale contacts in humid air is investigated by pull-off force measurements using atomic force microscopes in controlled environments from ultra-high vacuum through various humidity conditions to water. An equivalent work ...

45. Giant Pop-Ins in Nanoindented Silicon and Germanium Caused by Lateral Cracking
Published: 2/1/2008
Authors: David John Oliver, Brian Ronald Lawn, Robert Francis Cook, M G Reitsma, J E Bradby, Juana S Williams, Paul Munroe

46. Diameter-Dependent Radial and Tangential Elastic Moduli of ZnO Nanowires
Published: 12/1/2007
Authors: Gheorghe Stan, C V Ciobanu, Prahalad M. Parthangal, Robert Francis Cook

47. Origin of Adhesion in Humid Air
Published: 11/12/2007
Authors: D -I Kim, Jaroslaw Grobelny, N Pradeep, Robert Francis Cook

48. Effect of topography and multi-asperity contacts on nano-scale elastic property measurements by atomic force acoustic microscopy,
Published: 9/1/2007
Authors: Gheorghe Stan, Robert Francis Cook

49. Measurement Science and Technology for Ceramics Innovations
Published: 7/31/2007
Authors: Debra L Kaiser, Robert Francis Cook
Abstract: Innovations in ceramic technologies are often driven by the discovery and introduction of a material with novel or improved behavior that enables realization of a superior component, device or system. Over the past few decades, advanced ceramic mater ...

50. Nanoindentation Behavior and Mechanical Properties Measurement of Polymeric Materials
Published: 5/1/2007
Authors: Robert Francis Cook, Michelle Oyen

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