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211. R-matrix Theory of Two-photon Absorption: Application to Beryllium and Carbon,
Published: 1/1/1992
Authors: M T Smith, K T Taylor, Charles W Clark

212. 3p-Photoabsorption of Free and Bound Cr, Cr^u+^, Mn and Mn^u+^
Published: 1/1/1991
Authors: J T Costello, E T Kennedy, B F Sonntag, Charles W Clark

213. Convergence of Rayleigh-Schr{omlat}dinger Perturbation Theory in Calculations of Multiphoton Processes,
Published: 1/1/1991
Authors: L Pan, K Taylor, Charles W Clark

214. Environmentally "controlled collapse" of the 4f orbital in Cs,
Published: 1/1/1991
Authors: M G Ramsey, F P Netzer, Charles W Clark, J A Matthew

215. Making Zone Plates with a Laser Printer
Published: 1/1/1991
Authors: Charles W Clark, Y N Demkov

216. Perturbative Calculation of the AC Stark Effect by the Complex Coordinate Method,
Published: 1/1/1991
Authors: L Pan, K Taylor, Charles W Clark

217. Blackbody Radiation Shift in a ^u43^Ca^u+^ Ion Optical Frequency Standard
Published: Date unknown
Authors: B Arora, M S Safronova, Charles W Clark
Abstract: Motivated by the prospect of an optical frequency standard based on 43Ca+, we calculate the blackbody radiation (BBR) shift of the 4s1/2 - 3d5/2 clock transition, which is a major component of the uncertainty budget. The calculations are based on the ...

218. Lifshitz-Like Transition and Enhancement of Correlations in a Rotating Bosonic Ring Lattice
Published: Date unknown
Authors: A M. Rey, Karen G. Burnett, Indubala Indradev Satija, Charles W Clark
Abstract: We study the effects of rotation on one-dimensional ultra-cold bosons confined to a ring lattice. For commensurate systems, at a critical value of the rotation frequency, an infinitesimal interatomic interaction energy opens a gap in the excitation ...

219. Non-quantization of Current in an Annular Bose-Einstein Condensate
Published: Date unknown
Authors: D L Feder, L A Collins, Charles W Clark
Abstract: The circulating states of a Bose-Einstein condensate confined in an annulus are investigated both analytically and numerically. It is demonstrated that while single-valuedness of the condensate wavefunction ensures the quantization of circulation in ...

220. Vortices, Rings, and Spherical Shells in Bose-Einstein Condensates. I. Case of Repulsive Nonlinearity
Published: Date unknown
Authors: L D Carr, Charles W Clark
Abstract: The stationary behavior of axisymmetric vortex and vortex-like states of a Bose-Einstein condensate are described numerically and analytically. Both extended and con?ned condensates are considered in the context of the nonlinear Schrodinger equation, ...

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