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51. Superconformal Electrodeposition of Silver in Submicrometer Features
Published: 8/1/2002
Authors: Thomas P Moffat, B C Baker, Daniel Wheeler, John E Bonevich, Monica D Edelstein, D R Kelly, L Gan, Gery R Stafford, P J Chen, William F. Egelhoff Jr., Daniel Josell
Abstract: The generality of the curvature enhanced accelerator coverage (CEAC) model of superconformal electrodeposition is demonstrated through application to superconformal filling of fine trenches during silver deposition from selenium-catalyzed silver cyan ...

52. Ferromagnetic resonance mode interactions in periodically perturbed films
Published: 5/15/2002
Authors: Robert D McMichael, D J Twisselmann, John E Bonevich, A P Chen, W F Egelhoff, Stephen E Russek
Abstract: Ferromagnetic resonance mode interactions in periodically perturbed films

53. Ferromagnetic Resonance Mode Interactions in Periodically Perturbed Films
Published: 5/1/2002
Authors: Robert D McMichael, D J Twisselmann, John E Bonevich, P J Chen, William F. Egelhoff Jr., Stephen E Russek
Abstract: rromagnetic resonance linewidth measurements are reported for thin films of Ni^d80^Fe^d20^ deposited on substrates with 320 nm period grooves or parallel aperiodic scratches. These films are model systems for studying the effects of inhomogeneity o ...

54. A Simple Equation for Predicting Superconformal Electrodeposition in Submicrometer Trenches
Published: 11/2/2001
Authors: Daniel Josell, Daniel Wheeler, W H Huber, John E Bonevich, Thomas P Moffat
Abstract: We present a single variable first-order differential equation for predicting the occurrence of superconformal electrodeposition. The equation presumes that the dependence of deposition rate on surface coverage of accelerator is known (e.g., derived ...

55. Electrical Linewidth Test Structures Patterned in (100) Silicon-on-Insulator for Use as CD Standards
Published: 11/1/2001
Authors: Michael W. Cresswell, John E Bonevich, Richard A Allen, Nadine Guillaume, Lucille A. Giannuzzi, Sarah C. Everist, Christine E. Murabito, Patrick J. Shea, Loren W. Linholm

56. From Bulk to Nanoscale Magnetism and Exchange Bias in CuO Nanoparticles
Published: 11/1/2001
Authors: A Punnoose, H Magnone, M Seehra, John E Bonevich
Abstract: Detailed studies of the temperature (5 K to 350 K) and magnetic field variations (up to H = 50 k0e) of the magnetization of CuO nanoprticles of size range 37 nm to 6.6 nm are reported. These particles are synthesized by the sol-gel method in combina ...

57. Thermal Stability of Ta-Pinned Spin Valves
Published: 6/1/2001
Authors: R A. Fry, Robert D McMichael, John E Bonevich, Andrew Peijie Chen, William F. Egelhoff Jr.

58. Large Anisotropy Via Oblique Sputtering of Ta Underlayers
Published: 5/1/2001
Authors: John E Bonevich, Robert D McMichael, Chang H Lee, P J Chen, W Wyatt Miller, William F. Egelhoff Jr.
Abstract: Anisotropy fields in excess of 120 KA/m (1500 Oe) have been produced in 3 nm to 5 nm thick polycrystalline films of Co by oblique sputtering of Ta underlayers. The unusually high anisotropy is magnetostatic in origin, and is induced by corrugations ...

59. Cu Electrodeposition for On-Chip Interconnections
Published: 1/1/2001
Authors: Gery R Stafford, Thomas P Moffat, V D Jovic, David R Kelley, John E Bonevich, Daniel Josell, Mark D Vaudin, N G Armstrong, W H Huber, A Stanishevsky
Abstract: The electrochemical behavior of copper in copper sulfate - sulfuric acid, containing various combinations of NaCl, sodium 3 mercapto-1 propanesulfonate (MPSA), and polyethylene glycol (PEG) is examined. The i-E deposition characteristics of the elec ...

60. Magnetic Anisotropy and Thermal Stability of Ta-pinned Spin Valves
Published: 1/1/2001
Authors: R A. Fry, Robert D McMichael, John E Bonevich, P J Chen, William F. Egelhoff Jr., Chang H Lee
Abstract: It has recently been found that large uniaxial anisotropy fields in excess of 120 kA/m (1500 Oe) can be created in thin (3 nm to 5 nm) films of Co by obliquely sputtered Ta underlayers. This anisotropy can be used to pin the bottom film of a spin va ...

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