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21. Nickel-Silica Nanocomposite: Variation of the Blocking Temperature With Magnetic Field and Measuring Frequency
Published: 2/27/2008
Authors: V Singh, M Seehra, John E Bonevich
Abstract: The variation of the blocking temperature T(subscript B) with measuring frequency f(subscript m) and applied field H are reported for Ni nanoparticles (NPs) embedded in SiO(subscript 2) matrix with the nominal composition Ni/SiO(subscript 2) (15/85). ...

22. Finite Size and Interparticle Interaction Effects in the Magnetic Properties of NiO Nanoparticles
Published: 1/2/2008
Authors: H Shim, M Seehra, John E Bonevich
Abstract: Magnetic properties of NiO nanoparticles (NP) prepared by the sol-gel method in the size range D = 5 nm to 20 nm, with and without oleic acid (OA) coating, are reported. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) studies show the morphology of the small ...

23. Development of Ultra-Low Magnetic Field Sensors With Magnetic Tunnel Junctions
Published: 10/31/2007
Authors: Philip Pong, John E Bonevich, William F. Egelhoff Jr.
Abstract: The discovery of tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) has enhanced the magnetoresistance (MR) ratio from the giant magnetoresistance (GMR) regime of around 10% to over 400% at room temperature. A combination of magnetic tunnel junctions with high magnet ...

24. Compositional Control in Electrodeposited Ni (subscript x) Pt (subscript 1-x) Films
Published: 10/29/2007
Authors: J Mallett, Erik B. Svedberg, John E Bonevich, Alexander J. Shapiro, William F. Egelhoff Jr., Thomas P Moffat
Abstract: Electrochemical co-deposition of a series of fcc Ni(subscript x)PT(subscript 1-x) alloys is demonstrated. The alloy composition is a monotonic function of potential. The Pt-rich Ni(subscript x)PT(subscript 1-x) alloys are formed at potentials posit ...

25. Electrodeposition of Ni in Sub-Micrometer Trenches
Published: 7/2/2007
Authors: S D Kim, John E Bonevich, Daniel Josell, Thomas P Moffat
Abstract: A survey of the effect of cationic, anionic and non-ionic surfactants on the rate and morphological evolution of nickel electrodeposition from a Watts-type bath is presented. Particular attention is given to the prospect for void free filling of sub ...

26. Precise Manipulation and Alignment of Single Nanowire
Published: 3/2/2007
Authors: Qiliang Li, Sang-Mo Koo, Curt A Richter, Monica D Edelstein, John E Bonevich, Joseph J Kopanski, John S Suehle, Eric M. Vogel
Abstract: Nanowires and nanotubes are being intensively investigated for nanoelectronic transport applications. The integration of such nanostructures into circuitry requires a simple, high-efficiency and low-cost strategy. Here we develop a single nanowire ma ...

27. Precise Alignment of single Nanowires and Fabrication of Nanoelectromechanical Switch and Other Test Structures
Published: 3/1/2007
Authors: Qiliang Li, Sang-Mo Koo, Curt A Richter, Monica D Edelstein, John E Bonevich, Joseph J Kopanski, John S Suehle, Eric M. Vogel
Abstract: The integration of nanowires and nanotubes into electrical test structures to investigate their nanoelectronic transport properties is a significant challenge. Here we present a single nanowire manipulating system to precisely manipulate and align in ...

28. Iridium Barriers for Direct Copper Electrodeposition in Damascene Processing.
Published: 10/1/2006
Authors: Daniel Josell, John E Bonevich, Thomas P Moffat

29. Electrodeposition of Cu on Ru Barrier Layers for Damascene Processing
Published: 12/2/2005
Authors: Thomas P Moffat, Marlon L Walker, P J Chen, John E Bonevich, William F. Egelhoff Jr., Lee J Richter, Daniel Josell, C A Witt, T Aaltonen, M Ritala, M Leskela
Abstract: Superfilling of sub-micrometer trenches by direct copper electrodeposition onto PVD and ALD Ru barriers is demonstrated. The Cu nucleation and growth mode is found to be sensitive to the oxidation state of the Ru surface as well as the copper deposi ...

30. Fabrication and Measurement of Tall Stacked Arrays of SNS Josephson Junctions
Published: 6/1/2005
Authors: Nicolas Hadacek, Paul David Dresselhaus, Yonuk Chong, Samuel Paul Benz, John E Bonevich
Abstract: We have made tall, uniform stacked Josephson junction arrays by developing an etch process using an inductively coupled plasma etcher. This process produces vertical profiles in thin-film multilayers of alternating superconducting and normal metals. ...

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