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1. Visualizing the Impact of a Publication: ,The Protein Data BankŠ in Nucleic Acids Research, 2000
Published: 7/6/2016
Authors: Talapady N Bhat, Susan L Makar, Amanda J Malanowski
Abstract: The Protein Data Bank (PDB) was established at Brookhaven National Laboratories in 1971 as an archive for biological macromolecular crystal structures. Originally, it contained only 7 structures; today it holds over 109,000 3D structures for large bi ...

2. New Concepts for Building Vocabulary for Cell Image Ontologies
Published: 12/21/2011
Authors: Anne L Plant, John T Elliott, Talapady N Bhat
Abstract: Background: We present an approach to cell image databasing that is compatible with searching across a global federation of independent image databases. The variety of biological experiments and data that practitioners would like to access and share ...

3. Thermodynamics of Enzyme Catalyzed Reactions: Part 7 - 2007 Update
Published: 10/25/2007
Authors: Robert Nathan Goldberg, Yadu D. Tewari, Talapady N Bhat
Abstract: This review serves to update previously published evaluations of equilibrium constants and enthalpy changes for enzyme catalyzed reactions. For each reaction the following information is given: the reference for the data; the reaction studied; the ...

4. Semantic Web for the Life Sciences Hype, Why, How and Use Case for AIDS Inhibitors
Published: 7/1/2007
Authors: Talapady N Bhat, John Barkley
Abstract: There is considerable interest in the Semantic Web as a solution to the growing information technology needs of biological data and drug discovery. However, the progress towards this vision has been very limited. One reason for this slow progress is ...

5. Semantic Web for Chemical Genomics: Need, How To, And Hurdles
Published: 7/19/2006
Author: Talapady N Bhat
Abstract: Semantic Web has been often suggested as the information technology solution to the growing problem in managing the millions of data points generated by modern science such as nanotechnology and high through-put screening for drugs. However, the prog ...

6. HIV Structural and Biothermodynamics Databases: A Resource for the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry
Published: 8/12/2005
Authors: Talapady N Bhat, Yadu D. Tewari, H Rodriguez, Robert Nathan Goldberg
Abstract: Federal agencies, academia and industries have invested heavily in the development of structural and biothermodynamics data. However, the data are still largely distributed over several public and private archives leading to issues of inadequate inte ...

7. Migration From Static to Dynamic Web Interface: Enzyme Thermodynamics Database as an Example
Published: 7/13/2005
Author: Talapady N Bhat
Abstract: The era of internet based bioinformatics has created a unique opportunity to develop creative web tools and techniques to communicate complex biological data. Enzyme thermodynamics data is rich in Greek letter, superscripts and subscripts, and IUPAC ...

8. Migration from Static to Dynamic Web Interface - Enzyme Thermodynamics Database as an Example. Proceedings of the 9th World Multi-Conference on Systemics.
Published: 7/1/2005
Author: Talapady N Bhat

9. Thermodynamics of Enzyme-catalyzed Reactions A Database for Quantitative Biochemistry
Published: 11/1/2004
Authors: Robert Nathan Goldberg, Yadu D. Tewari, Talapady N Bhat

10. HIV Protease Structural Database
Published: 8/1/2002
Authors: Veerasamy Ravichandran, J Vondrasek, G L. Gilliland, Talapady N Bhat, A Wlodawer
Abstract: The HIV Protease Database (HIVdb) is a web-based archive for HIV protease structural information. HIVdb contains experimentally determined three-dimensional structures of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1), human immunodeficiency virus type ...

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