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41. Quantitative characterization of the viscosity of a microemulsion
Published: 9/15/1987
Authors: Robert F Berg, Michael R Moldover, John S. Huang
Abstract: We have measured the viscosity of the three-component microemulsion water/decane/ AOT as a function of temperature and droplet volume fraction. At temperatures well below the phaseseparation temperature the viscosity is described by treating the drop ...

42. Viscosity and density of two alkali metal mixtures
Published: 9/1/1987
Authors: Robert F Berg, Michael R Moldover, Savely Rabinovich, Alexander Voronel
Abstract: We have measured the density and viscosity of a K-Cs binary mixture and a Na-K-Cs ternary mixture from their crystallisation points (234 K and 199 K respectively) to 300 K. Extrapolations of the fluidity data indicate that the effective glass tempera ...

43. Viscometer for low frequency, low shear rate measurements
Published: 8/1/1986
Authors: Robert F Berg, Michael R Moldover
Abstract: We describe a torsion-oscillator viscometer whose low frequency ( 0.5 Hz) and very low shear rate (0.05 s-1) are required for measurements of shear sensitive fluids such as microemulsions, polymer melts and solutions gels, and liquid mixtures near cr ...

44. Viscosity measurements near a critical point using a novel torsion oscillator
Published: 5/1/1986
Authors: Robert F Berg, Michael R Moldover
Abstract: A torsion-oscillator viscometer has been constructed for the measurement of the viscosity of fluids near both liquid-vapor and liquid-liquid critical points. This viscometer has a resolution of ±0.2% and operates at a low frequency (0.6 Hz) and a ver ...

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