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31. Semiconductor Measurement Technology: Workshop on Mass Flow Measurement and Control for the Semiconductor Industry
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 400-101
Published: 2/1/2001
Authors: Robert F Berg, David S. Green, G E. Mattingly
Abstract: On 15-16 May 2000 at NIST, 45 scientists and engineers met to identify research and standards that will benefit users and manufacturers of mass flow controllers (MFCs) and related equipment. Most attendees represented companies closely associated wi ...

32. Frequency-Dependent Viscosity of Xenon Near the Critical Point
Published: 10/1/1999
Authors: Robert F Berg, Michael R Moldover, G A Zimmerli
Abstract: We used a novel, overdamped oscillator aboard the Space Shuttle to measure the viscosity {eta} of xenon near its critical density {rho}^dc^ and temperature T^dc^. In microgravity, useful data were obtained within 0.1 mK of T^dc^, corresponding to a ...

33. Viscoelasticity of Xenon Near the Critical Point
Published: 2/1/1999
Authors: Robert F Berg, Michael R Moldover, G A Zimmerli
Abstract: Using a novel, overdamped, oscillator flown aboard the Space Shuttle, we measured the viscosity of xenon near the liquid-vapor critical point in the frequency range 2 Hz [less than or equal to} f {less than or equal to} 12 Hz. The measured viscosity ...

34. Critical Viscosity of Xenon: Surprises and Scientific Results
Published: 10/1/1998
Authors: Robert F Berg, Michael R Moldover, G A Zimmerli
Abstract: The Critical Viscosity of Xenon (CVX) experiment, which flew on board Space Shuttle flight STS-85 in August 1997, measured the viscosity of xenon near the liquid-vapor critical point. Very close to the critical temperature (T^dc^ = 290 K), the visco ...

35. Critical Viscosity of the Ionic Mixture Triethyl n-Hexyl Ammonium Triethyl n-Hexyl borate in Diphenyl Ether
Published: 9/15/1998
Authors: S. Wiegand, Robert F Berg, Johanna M.H. Levelt-Sengers

36. Measurement of Microkelvin Temperature Differences in a Critical-Point Thermostat
Published: 3/1/1998
Authors: Robert F Berg, G A Zimmerli, Michael R Moldover

37. Equilibration Near the Liquid-Vapor Critical Point in Microgravity
Published: 1/1/1998
Authors: R A Wilkinson, G A Zimmerli, H Hao, Michael R Moldover, Robert F Berg, W L Johnson, R A Ferrell, R W Gammon

38. Temperature-Induced Density Gradients in Liquid-Vapor Critical Point Experiments
Published: 5/6/1997
Author: Robert F Berg

39. Internal waves in xenon near the critical point
Published: 6/1/1996
Authors: Robert F Berg, Margaret J. Lyell, Geoffrey B McFadden, Ronald G. Rehm
Abstract: Just above the liquid-vapor critical point, a fluid‰s large compressibility causes a stable stratification in which the density varies by as much as 10% in 1 cm. This stratification supports internal gravity waves which we observed with an oscillator ...

40. Hydrodynamic similarity in an oscillating body viscometer
Published: 9/1/1995
Author: Robert F Berg
Abstract: Hydrodynamic similarity can be used to calibrate simply and accurately an oscillating-body viscometer of arbitrarily complicated geometry. Usually, an explicit hydrodynamic model based on a simple geometry is required to deduce viscosity from the tra ...

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