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31. Critical Viscosity of the Ionic Mixture Triethyl n-Hexyl Ammonium Triethyl n-Hexyl borate in Diphenyl Ether
Published: 9/15/1998
Authors: S. Wiegand, Robert F Berg, Johanna M.H. Levelt-Sengers

32. Measurement of Microkelvin Temperature Differences in a Critical-Point Thermostat
Published: 3/1/1998
Authors: Robert F Berg, G A Zimmerli, Michael R Moldover

33. Equilibration Near the Liquid-Vapor Critical Point in Microgravity
Published: 1/1/1998
Authors: R A Wilkinson, G A Zimmerli, H Hao, Michael R Moldover, Robert F Berg, W L Johnson, R A Ferrell, R W Gammon

34. Temperature-Induced Density Gradients in Liquid-Vapor Critical Point Experiments
Published: 5/6/1997
Author: Robert F Berg

35. Internal waves in xenon near the critical point
Published: 6/1/1996
Authors: Robert F Berg, Margaret J. Lyell, Geoffrey B McFadden, Ronald G. Rehm
Abstract: Just above the liquid-vapor critical point, a fluid‰s large compressibility causes a stable stratification in which the density varies by as much as 10% in 1 cm. This stratification supports internal gravity waves which we observed with an oscillator ...

36. Hydrodynamic similarity in an oscillating body viscometer
Published: 9/1/1995
Author: Robert F Berg
Abstract: Hydrodynamic similarity can be used to calibrate simply and accurately an oscillating-body viscometer of arbitrarily complicated geometry. Usually, an explicit hydrodynamic model based on a simple geometry is required to deduce viscosity from the tra ...

37. Temperature and frequency dependence of anelasticity in a nickel oscillator
Published: 9/1/1995
Author: Robert F Berg
Abstract: The frequency dependence of the real and imaginary parts of a nickel oscillator‰s transfer function is described over 3 decades in frequency by the use of simple expressions. These expressions incorporate only the resonance frequency omega0, the qual ...

38. Remarkably small critical exponent for the viscosity of a polymer solution
Published: 7/15/1994
Authors: Robert F Berg, Karen Gruner
Abstract: We have measured the apparent critical exponent y characterizing the divergence of the viscosity eta  (T- Tc)^-y near the liquid-liquid critical point of the mixture polystyrene in diethyl malonate. The data span the range in reduced temperat ...

39. Thermal equilibration near the critical point: Effects due to three dimensions and gravity
Published: 9/1/1993
Author: Robert F Berg
Abstract: Two calculations are presented that clarify how the density profile equilibrates near the liquid-vapor critical point. Both use the equation of heat transfer recently improved to account for the large compressibility near the critical point. Previous ...

40. Flow of microemulsions through microscopic pores
Published: 11/15/1992
Authors: Dean C Ripple, Robert F Berg
Abstract: The flow of the microemulsion dioctylsulfosuccinate (AOT)/decane/water through 0.1 and 1.0 um diameter pores was studied for water droplet volume fractions ranging from 0 to 0.5. The viscosity of these microemulsions, as measured in a capillary visco ...

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